Anupama 16 January 2021: Vanraj Ignores Kavya

Nandini said to Samar, you are going to teach me how to fly a kite, right? Firstly learn yourself. It’s not about only flying a kite, but you must know how to protect it as well. By the way, where was your concentration? Samar responded, my concentration is in pages of your diary.

Nandini asked what? Samar replied, no, nothing. Nandini said whether you don’t need to say or say it clearly.

The song starts playing “Dheere Dheere se tera hua, haule haule se tera hua…” and Nandini, Samar started dancing.

Nandini took the kite from Samar’s hand. His dream left in between, and she said, what you whispered all the time? Samar said, how I would tell you that I read your heart’s thing in your diary.

Everyone’s kite was cut except Vanraj and Anupama’s kite. They are cheered by everyone. Meanwhile, other kites started flying in the sky with some messages. Vanraj turned around and saw Kavya standing there. She smiled and gave a flying kiss to Vanraj.

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Everyone started reading the kite message as Samar read, miss you, V. Paritosh read I love you, V. Nandini read, come back home, V. Despite all this, Anupama’s concentration is in the kites. She cuts the Vanraj’s kite and said, now I flew kites too much, now it’s time to cut others’ kites.

The Shah family is looking at Kavya, and Kavya is noticing Vanraj.

Meanwhile, Vanraj moves ahead towards Anupama and holds her Manja as she is busy flying a kite.

Anupama doesn’t know that Vanraj holds the Manja, so she said Samar lose the thread. Give it, Samar! Pull, pull, pull… Vanraj looked at Kavya, and her reaction shows that she does not like it.

Anupama cuts the kite and said, Kai Po Che. I don’t know whose kite was that. Something is written in English, but whomsoever it is. I will not let it go. Anupama shouts Sweety, Samar, start catching them. She again cuts a kite and said Kai Po Che and jumps out of happiness. Now, this last one is left. This is also gone, Kai Po Che!

Anupama noticed the silence, turned around, and saw Vanraj standing behind her. She saw Kavya and the kites with her notes too. Anupama took the Manja from Vanraj’s hand and started moving. Meanwhile, her feet bump over the Manja, and she becomes misbalance. Vanraj came and holds her hand and pulled her towards him. Both of them fall on the floor.

Anupama asked her, are you alright? Are you alright?

Vanraj replied, yes, I am okay. Are you okay? Anupama said I am alright; your this hand is okay, right? Vanraj replied, yes!

Kavya saw everything and bring the Manja from the floor, cuts her hand from that. Nandini shouted Masi! What is wrong with you? Have you lost it? What is this madness? Vanraj took a step forwards towards her but didn’t go to Kavya. Nandini pulled Kavya and take her with self.

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Baa said, see, the activity of such an educated and working women. My village’s goats are smarter than her. Bapuji said, you don’t get started all the time. Let’s go!

Everyone goes from there. Anupama also started moving; meanwhile, Vanraj said Anu-pama. I was going to go to Kavya but didn’t go. I stopped while going. Anupama asked why you are telling all this to me. Vanraj said Anu please; I want to say something to you. Then I thought that this time is wrong, but then I thought nothing is being wrong when the thing is right.

Vanraj said I want to say, meanwhile, Kinjal came and said, mummy. Anupama responded, yes! Kinjal said, everyone, is calling you. Anupama replied, yes, let’s go! A kite came over Vanraj. He picked it and read its message; please come home, V.

Anupama said to Kinjal, dear, please give it to Baa.

She was alone, and Vanraj comes again. Vanraj asked her, are you okay? Anupama replied, you must ask this question to someone else.

Nandini is doing Kavya’s hand dressing. She said, what you will get after all this Masi. No sensible person does such action, and who does it, people say them psycho.

Kavya remembered when Anupama was misbalanced, and Vanraj supported him while when she cut her hand, he even didn’t ask for it.

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Kavya shockingly said that whether Vanraj is coming near to Anupama. You used to go to their house. Who sleeps in the Vanraj’s room at night, Samar or…? I mean, I mean who is taking care of V. Would Anupama be near Vanraj? Nandini said, Masi!

Kavya said do you think Anupama is trying to acquire Vanraj back? Tell me, Nandini. Please, tell me. You must know this, Nandini. You are closer to both Samar and Anupama.

Perhaps you thought this from their talk, perhaps they said anything like that, or you may feel it sometime. What is happening, Nandini? Please tell me, Nandini. Please, Please, whether they are close?

Nandini shouts Masi, please, stop it! I can’t understand whether to do anger on you or pity you. What you were and now what you become. I just can’t believe that you are my strong, sensible, smart Kavya Masi, who was my idle at a time. And look at you now. What love has made you?

Kavya replied this is the love, Nandini.

A person doesn’t think anything about love, forgets everything, even oneself too. Nandini said no, Masi. The person who cannot love our self can never love anyone else. If you don’t value yourself, no one will do your value.

And for that love, a person has to beg, hurt her self-respect again and again; that can be anything but not love.

Love must be our strength Masi, not weakness. You are already down on others’ eyes; now don’t be down on self eyes too, please. Just stop this nonsense, once in for all. Forget him and move on.

Kavya hugged Nandini and said no, no Nandini, no. I can’t; I can’t move on, I love V. Even I can’t breathe without him. I can’t forget him; I love him.

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My life will be difficult without him. V is mine and always be mine. He can’t go back to Anupama by leaving me. He can’t, he just can’t.

Baa said, you know Kinjal, there is a ritual in our Ahmadabad city to fly candle at night on Makar Sankranti. Bapuji replied you are telling her this as she came from London.

She brought up here only. Baa said she called Ponhe Char at three forty-five, so how she knows what happens in this city. Anupama laughed.

Baa said we all would fly candle together like every year and do prayer.

The family remains one whose prayer is one. Kinjal replied, Baa, I brought up in Ahmadabad, but I will burn this candle first time. And I am so excited.

Baa said, see, I told you neither kites fly nor candle at her home. Ask your mom; there are many things to fly in this world instead of flying others’ parrot.

Baa said this candle flying ritual is started from few years only. When Vanraj was a kid, we used to enlighten small diyas.

Vanraj used to say that Diyas are so small, how will God see them, How he will fulfill my prayer. Vanraj said Baa, please. Baa replied, shut up! Do you know what Vanraj do then?

He used to flashlight from the torch at the sky and said God, you can’t see that diya, but you can see my torch. So, please fulfill my wish.

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Yes, but there is one thing, his flashing torch is right, but there is one thing, God has fulfilled everything whatever he wished.

Bapuji said because, at that time, he had trust in his mind. Baa replied he would have it again. If he wishes from the right mind with full trust, he will get it again.

Bapuji asked, ready, everyone. Let’s go out. Samar said, I am coming now. Mamaji asked where you are going. Samar replied, I am just coming, two minutes.

Kinjal said, how lucky I am, Toshu?

Thank you so much for giving me a family like this. I got to experience many things. Mummy makes everything so special. Vanraj said yes, it is true. Anupama noticed that.

Nandini is coming out of her house with a candle, while Samar asks her, what are you going to wish Miss Lol? Nandini replied some wishes let me sad whether by being fulfilled or remained unfulfilled.

Samar said she sees it by changing the wish. It might be we wish something wrong sometimes. It’s alright; it happened with everyone. This time choose it after thinking and understanding.

Nandini said, okay. Samar replied, anyways, we all are going to fly the candle now. Come, join us. Nandini replied, okay, let’s go. Nandini asked him what you are going to wish.

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Samar replied, same what you are going to wish. Nandini asked, mean? Samar said, your wish is my wish. I want the same as what you want.

Nandini asked how you would know what I want. Samar remembered her diary page and wanted to say something; meanwhile, Pakhi came and said, ” Winter, Nandini, come fast. Samar said, let’s go.

Anupama lighted the candle. Pakhi said, Papa, come.

Vanraj also touched the Anupama’s candle. Everyone prays for their wishes and flies the candle.

Baa said Vimla’s candle is looking smaller than our candle Bapuji replied that it is far from ours, that’s why looking small. When your one goes to the sky, it will also look small.

Baa said, okay, then let it be, but our candle must fly high than hers. This Makar Sankranti must be happy for everyone, and everyone’s wishes got fulfilled. Only Kinjal’s snake mom and that bowl of maida Kavya’s wish remains unfulfilled.


Vanraj said the sky doesn’t appreciate the moon. You know why? It is because he has a moon near him. When I came to the ground from the sky, I understood what the moon is? I love you, Anupama. Whether you still have space for me at your heart?