Anupama 23 January 2021: Anupama Proceeds For Divorce

Samar asked Anupama, divorce? Mom, you are filing for a divorce? Anupama asked, am I doing something wrong? Samar replied, what does your heart say? Anupama said, whatever I am doing. Samar replied, well then, ends of the story. A broken heart can never say anything wrong, mom. Anupama hugged Samar.

Vanraj and Kavya enter Kavya’s house.

Kavya is staring at Vanraj. He asked her what? Kavya replied, nothing! She hugged Vanraj and said, V, I am so happy, V! At last, you have returned to me. Now, you need to file for your divorce as soon as possible. What happened?

Vanraj replied, filing for a divorce isn’t a problem for me, Kavya. Anupama won’t create any problems, but Anirudh will. First, you need to talk to Anirudh and get rid of him. Only then will we talk about divorce. We both know how stubborn Anirudh is, and he still loves you.

He will not give divorce to you so easily. And your divorce process has been going on forever. Anirudh interrupts and said you are absolutely right. In fact, for the first time in my life, I totally agree with you, Vanraj.

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Pakhi angrily entered her room and started searching for any book while Anupama noticed her, hugged her, and asked what happened? Pakhi replied, what you wanted, mom. Dad has left the house. All thanks to you! Happy now! Anupama replied, Sweety!

Anirudh said, Kavya, this isn’t a man.

He is a football. I agree that calling such a fit man a football isn’t right. But what should I do if he goes there when he is kicked from here and comes here when he is kicked from there? I am bound to call him a football, right? Anirudh laughed and said, what do you think? Why is your so-called true love here? Your love didn’t bring him here.

His wife kicked him out. That’s why he is here. You must be wondering how I found out about this. Actually, I was on my way to my wife’s house when I saw you are going to the temple after your wife. So, even I thought of basking in the Lord’s glory. I saw and heard everything at the temple. Ms. Anupama said quite a few nasty things to you.

And coming to the offertory, you got in the temple from your wife you returning here, to Kavya, after that was quite obvious. Like the phrase, a disloyal man belongs nowhere. If I actually alter it to suit Vanraj’s situation, it will be quite insulting for Vanraj. Kavya replied enough, Anirudh! Stop trying to wreck my life all the time. Just get lost!

Anirudh said I am a matchbox for you, and he is an incense stick. You had been using me to set him on fire. Oh, sorry, you are using me. And he is using you! Don’t you get it, Kavya? Kavya replied, that’s none of your business, Anirudh! This is my life. Whether V makes it or breaks, it should not be a problem for you.

She said, Okay? And if you are so concerned about me, just give me a divorce and end this mess.

Anirudh shouted divorce… Divorce! Divorce! That’s all you talk about! You want a divorce, don’t you? Kavya replied, yes! Anirudh said, okay, I am ready to divorce you. But just like everything has a price, this divorce also has a price. Rs. 60 Lakhs only!

Anupama said to Pakhi, just because you love your dad, it doesn’t mean that you will disrespect your mom! You aren’t that young now that every rude act of yours will be considered your childishness! Sometimes, you get angry, sometimes, you shout! You take it out on your brother, your sister-in-law, me! Have you forgotten your respect for elders?

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If you get angry with your dad in the future, will you shout at him too? Even, if being sad gives one the license to shout at others, I should be shouting the most in the house that too, at all of you! If you have forgotten, let me remind you that I am your mother. In the future, if you disrespect either me or any elder in the house, I would not tolerate it, Sweety, not one bit.

Vanraj said Goodness! What kind of man are you? Do you have any shame? Anirudh replied I used to possess a lot of it before, but when I saw that Kavya really likes shameless and characterless people, even I relinquished it. I thought Kavya might just like me. Why, Kavya? See, it’s a simple calculation.

The current price of this apartment is Rs. 1.20 crores.

Just give me half of that Rs. 60 lakhs and take the divorce. As simple as that! Kavya, we bought this house together. You remember it! And you have already broken this home. Now, you are going to break this relationship too.

I invested in this for the sake of love. I don’t think I will get that love at least, but I should at least get my returns. He starts singing, give me the money, and takes the divorce. Give me the money and take the divorce!

Vanraj shouted I knew it! I knew your husband would start acting like a drama king the second I come here! You were talking to me about my divorce, right? First, you need to sort out your divorce! First, you need to convince your husband to divorce you! Then talk to me about divorce!

The next day the song started playing “Toot ke hum dono mein, Jo bacha woh kam sa hai, Ek tukda dhoop ka, Andar andar namm sa hai”!

Anupama is walking and remembering her moments with Vanraj. She met with Sanjay. They walked into the lawyer Advocate Jiten Patel’s office. The Advocate asked her, Are you sure of taking a divorce? Actually, many times, couples fight and, in a fit of rage, approach a divorce lawyer, but they calm down their decision changes!

Sanjay said it would not happen, Patel brother. The Advocate replied but asking, this is my duty. Sorry to say but till date, no lady has come to me to file for divorce of… Well, I mean. Anupama replied, who is of my age. One who has three children out of which one son has got married!

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The Advocate said, look, please don’t misunderstand me. But women often step back in divorce cases either under family pressure or because they can’t gather the courage to end their marriage. This is my job. I will file the case. I will take the fee.

Sanjay brother is a good friend of mine. Hence, I am asking you. Are you sure? Look, this would not make a difference to me. But your time and money will be wasted if you step back later. Hence, think correctly and give me your answer.

Kavya said I know all that is the excuse.

You don’t care about getting Rs.60 Lakh. You just want me. Hence, you find excuses for not divorcing me. But Anirudh, this isn’t going to make a difference. How many times should I make you understand, Anirudh! Whatever we had between us is over.

Please try to understand it. Look, let’s just end this on a good note so that you will be able to move on in life too. Please! Vanraj thought no matter how hard you try, Kavya, Anirudh would not agree to it. In fact, it’s good I myself don’t want to get into things like divorce.

Anupama said I want the divorce. The Advocate said okay, then Mr. Sanjay had told me a bit about this case. So, do you want to make any other allegations against him? To file a divorce, we must first decide the grounds on which we wish to file for the divorce.

Listen, I will explain to you. Grounds like your husband having an extramarital affair, mental torture, abusive behavior may be physical, mental or emotional, incompatibility, or dissatisfaction, or any other reason you would like to allege. Anupama replied I don’t want to put any allegations. I don’t want to make any allegations; I just want separation.

The Advocate said, but he did cheat you, right?

Then why don’t you want to tell this in court? Anupama replied, what difference that will make! To end our relationship, I don’t find it necessary to defame each other. What will happen at the most! Society will point fingers at me because I want a divorce.

But that doesn’t bother me. My family knows the truth, and that is sufficient for me. In order to be nice to the world, I can’t tarnish my family’s reputation. I just want to end this relationship so that both of us can live our lives peacefully. The Advocate said then we would try to get a mutual separation done.

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And we also need to decide the alimony amount and your share in his property and assets. Anupama replied I don’t want alimony amount. The Advocate said see after divorce; every woman has to face financial problems. That’s why the government and the court both want to ensure that the husband should fulfill his financial responsibility towards his wife after getting divorced.

Anupama replied I know and understand that this alimony money isn’t a favor.

It is a right that the law gives a divorced woman so that she doesn’t end up on the streets post her divorce. But my husband has never neglected his responsibilities.

No matter how he has been as a husband, he fulfills a son and a father’s responsibilities very well. If I didn’t have an income source, I would have asked for alimony. I would have rightfully demanded it. But I do not require any money now. I want to be independent.

Sanjay said, but sister-in-law, that will affect your lifestyle a lot. Anupama replied Sanjay, brother; I have what I want and what I don’t have that I don’t want. The Advocate said, oh God, I can’t believe this. Despite suffering that much, you are so patient and forgiving. Had there been any other woman in your place, she would have taught her husband a lesson. She would have dragged him into court and defamed him. In fact, she would have destroyed him.

Anupama replied, Mr. Patel, I have had enough of unrest.

No matter how the story has been, it should end on a good note. A woman doesn’t need anything more than peace of mind. It’s the same for me. Let him spend his life happily. I will live alone happily. May lord Krishna keep him happy and keep me happy as well.

The Advocate said, okay, then we will send a legal notice to him for mutual separation. After he or his lawyer reverts, we will be able to proceed. It depends on whether the other party agrees to the mutual separation or not. If he agrees, both parties sit face to face and decide what is to be done ahead.

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Vanraj said, ah, it feels so good to come to the office after so many days. I feel so much at home. The office boy gave a document to Vanraj and said, sir, this is for you. Vanraj replied, okay, thank you.

Vanraj read to Vanraj Shah from Advocate Jiten Patel.

He thought this is from Advocate’s side. Then he remembered Kavya’s talk with Anirudh that look, let’s just end this on a good note so that you will also move on in life. Vanraj thought has Anirudh agreed to divorce Kavya! He brings out the document and saw the Divorce notice between Anupama Shah and Vanraj Shah.

Kavya said about the Gupta and Sons project, Mr. Dholakia… She thought, what happened to him? She read the envelop and started thinking.

Samar asked, rock star! Are you okay? Anupama replied yes. Samar said people couldn’t leave their habits, but you left your entire life behind for good. I am so proud of you, mummy! He typed a message to Nandini; Nandu, my mom, is really quiet now. If there will be anything else, I will let you know.

Mamaji and Bapuji play chess, while Kinjal is distributing tea and coffee. Paritosh asked, Pakhi, are you done with your chemistry homework? Pakhi replied I am doing it, brother.

Meanwhile, Vanraj shouted, what is this?

Baa asked him, what happened? Why are you so angry? What is this in your hand? Vanraj replied, your daughter-in-law has sent me the divorce papers! Baa was shocked; what! Anupama came in front while Vanraj asked her what does this mean.

Anupama replied, this just means that I want to end this relationship. It’s better to end the relationship when it gets complicated. Kinjal thought when she told Anupama that mummy when the knot can’t be opened; it’s better to break the thread. Anupama said, whatever happened between us, I can’t forget it though I want to.

Baa asked, but why you don’t forget? Anupama replied that I would have to forget two more things, Baa, i.e., my self-respect and identity. Baa said, so your self-respect is greater than your family. Anupama replied, no, Baa. Nothing can be necessary than a family. But family is only with love. In our relationship, there is everything except love.

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Vanraj said I wanted to come back home. I had started loving you, but you refused me. Anupama asked what you did when I refused you. You went back to Kavya. Even a line drawn on the paper can’t be erased as quickly as your love did! You may have got used to living in two parts, but I have not.

Twenty-five years ago, I had got you completely, and now, I want to lose you completely.

I know you will be hurt. But not because this relationship is ending; instead, it’s because I am ending this relationship. In a society where a woman has the only right to decide what would be cooked for the meal.

So, a woman taking such a big decision there, you would surely be hurt! You go to Kavya’s house whenever you wish to go there and come here when you wish to come here. As long as both the doors are open, this will keep continuing! That’s why I am shutting one door, forever!


Vanraj said I would answer your pride! Now, I will teach you what I can be up to when I show my true colors? Vanraj takes Pakhi with him while Anupama ran towards her and cried.