Anupama 21 January 2021: Anupama’s Strict Answer

The episode starts with Anupama asking, what are you doing this? Vanraj replied, whether you trust my words or not, but you have to trust this vermillion for sure. That’s why by filling vermillion on your demand, I want to do a new start. I want to be yours again. Again I want to be your husband.

Anupama replied in the 25th anniversary of marriage also you filled my demand with vermillion in front of God.

What happens after some of that, whether you remember it or not, but I remember that. Vanraj said I know I made a huge mistake, Anupama. The mistake is so huge that it can’t be forgiven.

But you can give me the punishment for that because we give punishment to only those we have a right to. In the last 25 years, I made 25,000 mistakes. I am not saying that I would not make any mistake in the future; And I am also not saying that I am completely changed, but I am saying that I wish to change completely. I want that I would not make any mistakes anymore.

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Anupama replied that a mistake happened unknowingly, but everything you do is thoughtful, deliberately. Vanraj said what I thought and understood that time while leaving the house looked right to me. But I didn’t know that I am leaving my family along with the house. Now, I return home. Only I want to return near my family. Again I want to be your husband.

Anupama said Toshu’s father! She becomes silent for a moment and then said I always call you Toshu’s father till now. And now you remain Toshu’s father only. Apart from this, there is no relationship between us, nor can there be. Before, you are upset with me, so you went to Kavya, now you are upset from Kavya so want to come back to me.

You understood my love as care before and now understanding my care as love.

I would not let your relationship broken from Baa, Bapuji, and Kids while would not let you attach your relationship back to me.

Vanraj said I completed the way from son to father with you, Anu. And now I want to take the relation’s journey ahead. On top of that, I want to achieve this relationship’s journey with you. Before, I was your support, and now I am searching for support from you. Please let me walk with you.

Anupama replied to those who walk together whose path is the same. Till the time you came back, our paths are changed. Vanraj said everything could be changed again in a moment, the people also and paths also. Anupama replied it could be changed, but it must not change. Let it be a little difference between a human being and a season.

Vanraj said I am really changed, Anu. Your heart was broken, so my pride was also broken. We are the pieces of broken bangles that will be completed by being together only.

Anupama replied, you can place two broken pieces of bangles but can’t attach them.

And only one bangle was broken while the other changed the hand where it was wear. A bangle can’t be worn by taking it from others’ hands.

Nandini was crying while Samar came, hugged her from the back, and said I am sorry, Nandu. I am really very sorry. If you are a little angry, then I am also. The people who don’t have best friends to talk heartily wrote their feelings on the diary, but you had me, Nandu.

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Why didn’t you say anything to me? And you always said that I am like my mother. And if I am like her, I can’t be so bad. Nandini hugged her. Samar said tries to trust me, Nandu. I would neither break your trust nor leave you ever, I will never!

I know you are thinking that my feelings are changed for you after reading your diary. You are right. My feelings are changed. Now, I love you more than before, Nandu. And after reading your diary, I understood that you also have feelings for me. I love you, Nandu. I lots and lots and lots of love you. Love of purity, love of love, always loves, that type of love doesn’t occur nowadays.

Nandini replied, no, Samar, don’t love me.

I feel scared. Samar said Nandu while Nandini said go, Samar. Just go from here, Samar. Leave from here. Just go! Just go from here, Samar! Samar replied, okay, I can’t see you like this; that’s why I am going.

But remember one thing that I came here for you and going for you only. I love you whether you love me or not; it’s your call. You have right over it, but I will never give you the right to break this friendship. We will always be friends; nothing can change. We will meet, talk, fight but never go far from each other. Love would stop me, and friendship would never let you go far.

Anupama said to Vanraj; you want me to do the same as Kavya did. Perhaps, it would be more satisfactory if you would not say all this. I thought you were not mine, no matters, but at least you are at least anyone.

But you are no one. Firstly you broke my trust, and now you are going to break Kavya’s trust. I know how it feels when any third person enters the relationship. That’s why I would not come in between you and Kavya. Never! Vermillion is there at your hand; wipe it off!

Samar is leaving from there while Nandini remembered her happy moments with Samar.

She shouted Samar, please don’t go, come back, please. Samar turned around, ran towards Nandini. Nandini accepted; yes, I have feelings for you in my heart Samar. I feel for you.

Samar opened his hands, and they hugged each other. The song started playing “Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love, Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love, Ishq wala love,” and both of them started dancing.

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While Nandini’s dream is broken and she saw that Samar is already gone. She thought, I am sorry, Samar. I love you. I love you, but I can’t say this. You will not allow me to leave, and my past doesn’t let me step forward. I am sorry, but perhaps I would never let you know that how much I love you.

Vanraj takes worship plate, turned around, said Anu while he saw Kavya standing there. Kavya said, don’t worry, V. I haven’t come here following you. Actually, I am coming back from the office; I saw you here, so I thought to talk to you. The thing is difficult, but we have to do it any time. I want to do the same what you are doing.

Vanraj asked what? Kavya replied I want to give another chance to Anirudh.

I tried so hard to come near you and ask for forgiveness, V. I forget my ego, self-respect, pride, but you didn’t forgive me. You didn’t come back, V. It would not affect you whether I am there or not.

I learned a lot from you, V, so; I am also learning to give another chance to relationships too from you. V, we both are fortunate. You have your family, parents, and your kids are there who already accepted you. And Anupama is also so good that she would accept you.

And V, I am also fortunate that I have Anirudh with me, who still wants to be with me despite all this. Our story starts with giving pain to both of them; that’s why they hadn’t completed it. I am going today, V, from your street and life too. I am sorry for whatever I did. And thank you for whatever you did.

Kavya goes away from there, and Vanraj remembered her saying that it will not bother you whether I am here or not. Anupama’s saying mistakes are those which happen unknowingly. Whatever you do is after thinking and understanding everything. Before, you are upset with me, so went to Kavya, and now you are upset with her, so you want to come back to me.

Kavya’s saying V, we both are fortunate.

You have your family, parents, and your kids are there who already accepted you. And Anupama is also so good that she would accept you. Anupama said I would not let your relationship broken from Baa, Bapuji, and Kids while would not let you attach the relationship back to me. Kavya’s saying I want to give Anirudh a second chance.

Pakhi is talking on a call with her friend. She asked her why you haven’t come to school today? Her friend replied I was busy, yaar. Today was my mom and dad’s anniversary, so full-day shopping and party planning.

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Still, we are outside having so much fun. You know right, last year there was a big fight between my mom and dad. Even the thing reached the divorce, but then my dad realized his mistake. He said sorry to my mom. And now mom has forgiven him. Now everything is okay.

Pakhi asked, really. Her friend replied, yes, dear. Last year waewqs such tough looks like everything was over. And I would never be able to live in the same house along with my mom and dad. But thank God, now everything is so normal. I am blessed. Now, we will meet in school tomorrow. Bye! Pakhi replied, bye!

Pakhi thought, I hope everything will be sorted between mom and dad.

Baa said I don’t want to see that bowl of Maida’s face. That’s why I shut the door. And where is Vanraj? He followed you to the temple, didn’t he? Anupama replied I don’t know, Baa. It’s his wish to come and go. Baa said you are the only one exercising your wills these days. The mother-in-law keeps talking to you, but you pay no heed. You just do whatever you want.

Vanraj is standing in the middle of the street. One side is the Shah’s house and another side Kavya’s house. He remembered Anupama saying I will never let your ties with your family break. But I will never allow any relation between us. Kavya was saying I want to give Anirudh a second chance. And Anupama is a nice person. Even she will accept you eventually.

The Shah’s house bell rings, and Baa said Vanraj is back. She said to Anupama, go open the door. Kavya’s bell also rang. Baa said will you open the door, or will I have to get up?

Anupama opened the door and received the package while she saw Vanraj at Kavya’s door.

Vanraj goes inside Kavya’s house. When he closes the door, he notices that Anupama is watching him. Anupama first closes her door, then Vanraj.

Samar said to Nandini I told you; I would not let you break our friendship. So no matters, what we are friends and among friends, there’s no scope for awkwardness. So, open the door and make me a nice cup of coffee. I told you. Nothing will change. I would not let things change even if you want it to be.

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Baa said to Anupama, daughter-in-law make some soup for Vanraj. He will be back soon.

Anupama said he would not come, Baa. He’s already gone where he wanted to. Vanraj asked Kavya, suddenly, what happened? I agree, we have issues, but what’s with all that you said at the temple? Kavya replied like always. You didn’t listen to me even today. It doesn’t matter what I say to you or how did I say it? I may say it nicely or argue.

But you neither listen nor understand what I say. Anyways!

This conversation is pointless because now, we have different paths and destinations. You start life afresh with your wife, and I will go back to Anirudh. After this, we will never cross paths again. Anirudh and I are planning to move abroad.

Vanraj again remembered Anupama’s word you got fed up with me and had an affair with Kavya. Now you are fed up with Kavya, so you want to return to me. That’s why I would not come in between you and Kavya. Never!
Anupama thought, I just hope he doesn’t make any impulsive decisions.


Vanraj said I am leaving with Kavya. I will live with her now. And this time, I would not just leave home. I will also go away from Anupama’s life. I will marry, Kavya. Anupama said, you have made your decision. Now, it’s time I made mine. Your friend that lawyer, can I meet him tomorrow? I need to discuss a divorce.