Anupama 20 January 2021: Vanraj Decides To Confess His Feelings

Anupama said the relationship that you are saying about that was broker now. It was ended. I was your wife, but now I am not. Vanraj replied, Anu, please. Anupama said, it’s not Anu; it’s Anupama. Anupama! The name was written and erased on the mind only once! I already wrote your name and erased too.

Enough, now the story ended. When your accident takes place, then everyone was worried. That’s why when you said to come back home, then I remain silent. You came here. I took your care, and I will take care but only because of Baa, Bapuji, and kids; because of humanity. And only till the time you become perfect.

Vanraj replied I know that, but you don’t know that I want to stay here now and always, at my home, in between our family, with you. Now, I don’t want to go away from you, Anupama. Anupama said you couldn’t take all the decisions alone. You decided to love another woman despite your wife. But my decision is not to take you back into my life. I am not a toy that you will throw and take back as per your wish.

There is no choice for a toy, but I have. And when you love Kavya, why are you talking all this to me? Earlier, you betrayed me because of Kavya, and now you are betraying her because of me. You neither asked her wish nor mine. And you did one sin of broking a heart, now don’t broker another heart. You have to go back. Vanraj said

Anupama, please don’t do this; everything would scatter. Anupama said everything was already scattered. The relationships are of glass; once it was broken, then never attach again. I don’t know whether you are like before or changed now. But I know that I got changed. Your talk, your apology, and your regret can’t change my decision. I move that much forward from the turn where you leave me alone that I can’t turn back.

That’s why now you have to turn back. I can’t do what Kavya has done with me. The relationships are a game for you people but not for me. Anupama turned around and started moving, while Vanraj said Anupama!

Anupama, please don’t take any decision angrily. At least listen to me. Anupama said I am keeping the machine; I will pay all the money in installments. Anupama goes away from there. Baa watched all this and went behind Anupama, saying, Anupama!

Vanraj thought I said everything but could not speak what I wanted to say. Anupama’s anger is right at its place, but if I have to return home so I must try for it. And I have to say my heart’s thing to Anupama that too soon. Anupama came outside while Samar came and said, rock star! Samar asked, what happened, mummy?

Anupama replied, nothing happens, but he is trying that anything happens. I took care of him, and he has taken it in the wrong way, Samar. He has to go away from here. After becoming alright, he has to go from here. Samar asked, what do you mean by wrong meaning? Why he has to go, mummy?

Anupama replied because he wants to come back to my life again. He again wants to become my husband, but what happens from wish? I also wish that my house would not break, my husband would not betray me, and things will go the same way like it is going. But nothing happens by wanting, while it happens by doing. I decided, and anything will happen, this decision will not change. Baa came and started saying a girl is donated but not the husband.

Which wife donates her husband to her sautan? Samar is trying to say, Baa, mummy but Baa shuts her saying, you keep quiet. Baa said to Anupama, Vanraj made a mistake, so you throw him out of the house. Now, my son realizes his mistake, regretting that, and tries to correct that, so why are you moving angrily here and there?

Bapuji came and said, Leela! Baa said my son is not the world’s first man who made a mistake. And you are not the world’s first wife with whom all that happened. But what are you doing is happening first time in the world. Which wife burn her house to give punishment to her husband?

Bapuji said, your son burnt the house, Leela. And you want that daughter-in-law to forget everything that your son does and accept him back. Baa said whether she accepts him by forgetting or remembering, just accept him.

My son already got the punishment for whatever he does. I slapped him, your Bapuji throws him out of the house, everyone takes their eyes off from him. Even God also gives him punishment by such a big accident that happened. Now, will you take his life or give him punishment for his entire lifetime? Samar said, Baa, why are you saying like this?

Anupama replied, Samar and indicates him to be quiet. She said to Baa; I fold my hand in front of you Baa, I just fight inside on the same thing. Now, not more. Baa replied, okay, we also don’t have a hobby to shout on the same thing repeatedly. But now you are doing wrong. My son will do wrong, then you have a problem, and you are not happy when he is doing right.

You remembered what he did, but you can’t see what he is doing right now. That bowl of maida comes to live in front of the house, then also he fights for you in front of that snake woman without considering Kavya. He bought a new washing machine but you, you are moving as Shree Devi. Bapuji shouted, now it’s enough, Leela.

Anupama tried to calm Bapuji. Baa said why I should stop. Ask her to stop it. If every woman starts not forgiving their husbands, then each family would break in a day. Bapuji asked why everything a wife forgives? Baa replied a wife forgives because a wife can only forgive. A woman’s heart is big who thinks for her family before herself. Then why are you making your heart small? Just forgive my son.

Bapuji said, sometimes I thought when there is mother’s like you in the country, why would there not be sons like Vanraj? Baa asked it means each mistake was mine. Bapuji replied, not each, but you have most of it. Baa said, you just keep quiet. She said to Anupama, and you listened to it with open ears that my son would not go anywhere.

He will live here in this house until he likes to be here. It’s his wish to go tomorrow, day after tomorrow, after a year, or stay a lifetime. You are no one to throw him out of this house. If I can slap my son on his mistake, then I will say you, scold you, understand you, and if it’s needed, then slap while Bapuji said enough. If you complete this thing, your entire life’s worship will fail. She is the Goddess Laxmi of the house, and not to even raise eyes over house’s Laxmi, and you want to raise your hand over her.

Baa said, if she is the house’s Goddess, then will I the witch of the house? Sometimes we have to be strict to get them on the right path. Bapuji replied, who told you that it is the right way? Baa said it is right; that’s why women choose this way for 1000 years. And you also have to move in it. Samar said, mummy, why are you not saying anything?

Baa said, listen, my son will not leave the house. You have to leave your pride and stubbornness. And if it’s not happened, then if I can throw my son out of the house, I can throw my daughter-in-law too. Bapuji replied, and if I got angry, I could throw my wife as well.

Anupama tries to calm Bapuji while Bapuji holds Baa’s hand and drags her inside the house, saying, ” Go inside! ” Baa goes inside saying till now there is time, be careful otherwise you will not have anything in hand instead of regret.

Samar said, mummy! Mummy, anyone says anything, but I am standing with you. And you don’t need to do anything which your heart doesn’t want to under anyone’s pressure. Mom, you have to move ahead. And if you have to move ahead, you do not weaken. You do what your heart is saying. If Mr. Shah had any misunderstanding, then you must clear that misunderstanding. Tell him in clean and clear words that he should leave from here. Anupama replied, you are saying it right, Samar. I have to talk to him clearly.

Vanraj thought, Anu, I know that there is a big distance between us even living under the same roof. But I must complete these ways. I will make you understand that I am changed now. Meanwhile, Vanraj heard the house bell and saw it from the window. Anirudh was there at the door of Kavya. Kavya opened the door and got Anirudh inside the house.

Kavya closed the door and thought, I really love you, Vanraj, and I don’t want to lose you. But what you are doing also forced me to make a decision. Perhaps, this decision is right for both of us.

Baa said to Bapuji when a man doesn’t bend, he breaks down on his own, but when women don’t bend, the entire family breaks down. The daughter-in-law has to bend and forgive Vanraj. Bapuji replied, after being a woman, you want that a woman always bends down.

Baa answered yes because there is a difference between a man and a woman. A man might fall, but a woman might bring up. She could become a Goddess. Bapuji said at least ask her whether she wants to be a wife or not. Bapuji folds his hand in front of Baa and said Leela, let her be a human being, don’t put the burden of being great on her shoulder.

Leela, don’t expect her to be God. Baa replied even God doesn’t show that much pride. When a human being realizes his mistake, then God also forgives him. The daughter-in-law shows that much pride now, but her anger will cool down any day. And she will forgive Vanraj.

Bapuji said this would not happen. Baa replied, you are a man; you can’t understand a woman. Today daughter-in-law’s heart is broken, trust is broken, but this will also attach back as per time. Her heart would also attach along with her relationship. And you can take it in written form.

Vanraj thought, why Anirudh came to Kavya’s house? For sure, Kavya has called him otherwise, how would he know that Kavya is living here. But why Kavya called him? What are they talking so long inside? While Anirudh came out with some documents. Vanraj noticed that. Kavya called Vanraj and asked can you meet me in the evening? Actually, it is little urgent that’s why asking you to meet. I have to talk to you about Anirudh. Vanraj said, okay.

Pakhi said to Vanraj, Papa that my school is taking us to Nainital for the picnic next month. Anupama said, sweety, we already talked about this. Pakhi replied, we don’t talk, mummy, you said no to it clearly. That’s why I am saying this to dad. She said to Vanraj, papa, I really want to go, please. Papa, please! I want to go.

Anupama asked her, how will you go so far alone? Pakhi replied, mummy, I am not going alone. I have my friends, teachers, everyone with me. Papa, tell that to mummy, please.

Vanraj said Anupama; I know why you don’t want to send Pakhi alone to the picnic. You think that she has to do everything there by herself. And Pakhi is still small. But she has to learn it ever in life. How long did you take to learn so many things like car driving? You want the same to happen with Pakhi too? You want our Pakhi to learn all this late. Anyways if the thing is about the money, I am here.

Baa said to Bapuji, see how intelligent my son is. She even makes Anupama understand it also. Vanraj said, anyways, I am not forcing my decision over you. I only want that all I want is for our children to do the things that we could not do. We took the responsibilities from childhood, at least our kids enjoy their life. In fact, I think why not we all would go to Nainital for one or two days. We can be closer to Pakhi and enjoy the holiday as well.

Paritosh said, and I think it’s a good idea. Pakhi asked does it mean that you will stay with us? Vanraj replied, yes, dear! Pakhi become happy and said, yes! Yes! Yes! I knew it, dad! I knew that you would not leave us. And if you had tried to leave, I would have stopped you. Yes! Yes! Dad will stay with us!

Nandini is writing something in her diary; meanwhile, Samar came and said, here is your strawberry milkshake! I don’t know why girls like strawberry flavor. You drink it just because it is pink. Here you go. Relax; even if I see it, I would not reveal the content in your diary. By the way, what is in your diary such that you are becoming so secretive?

Nandini replied, nothing, it’s just a time pass. Samar said LOL. Nandini asked what it means? Samar replied, there is lots of life in your diary. And one of its pages mentions my name. Nandini’s hand got vibrated after hearing this while Samar holds her hand.

Samar said you could not hide anything from a friend. That’s why I told you. Actually, that day and remembers when he saw her diary. He said sorry. And don’t worry. I would not let any mess happen. That’s my promise.

Nandini angrily said, how dare you? How could you touch my personal diary without my permission? And you didn’t even tell me. Samar replied, sometimes you don’t have the opportunity or courage to say certain things. Just like how you could not tell me about Mr. Shah and Kavya. Nandu, please don’t leave in anger. Nandini said, Samar, leave my hand.

Samar said, Nandu, please listen to me. Nandini replied Samar leave my hand. Samar said, Nandu, I am sorry. Nandini replied, leave my hand, Samar. She shouted, leave my hand, and goes from there.

Kinjal said to Anupama, mummy! Anupama replied, yes. Kinjal asked her, are you okay? Anupama responds, yes. Kinjal said I know how you feel right now, mother-in-law. When the mind is restless, you should go to a place that will give you peace of mind.

Baa sent you to the temple in the morning. But now you should go for yourself, mummy. You will feel better. I am watching from the morning, fights, arguments, quarrels. After a point, the brain stops functioning. Therefore, go to a place where you will find peace of mind. You can find peace only in Lord Kanha’s temple.

Anupama replied, all right, I will go in the evening. Vanraj heard everything and thought Anupama is going to the temple in the evening. This is the chance to tell her about my feelings. But I have to meet Kavya in the evening. I will talk to Kavya later. First, I must tell Anupama about my feelings.

At the temple, Anupama saw Vanraj sitting by his side. She asked, what are you doing here? The priest said Anupama dear! Here is the plate for the veneration… Anupama replied yes. The priest said Mr. Vanraj; you are here too. May Lord Krishna keep you together forever. Anupama dear, you forgot that it’s Friday today. You should offer vermillion toh the Goddess. Anupama replied yes.

Vanraj came to Anupama and said, you have completed the ritual of offering vermillion. Now it’s my turn. Vanraj brought the vermilion to put it on Anupama’s head, but Anupama stopped him, saying no.

Precap: Anupama said I would not let your relationship with the children and your parents be broken. And I will not let you form a relationship with me. Kavya said I want to give Anirudh a second chance.