Anupama 19 January 2021: Vanraj protects Anupama

Baa said the snake women came. May I bring out the bean? Bapuji replied, just keep quiet. Kinjal said to Rakhi, mom; I don’t like to talk to you insolently. So, please don’t force me to misbehave. Rakhi replied, relax, dear. It does not need to overreact that much for just a washing machine. Kinjal said but mom, who told you to bring a washing machine here?

Baa asked, and how would you know that our house washing machine is not working correctly? Kinjal, you said to her? Kinjal replied, no, Baa. I didn’t tell her. Mother-in-law, please trusts me. Anupama said I know my daughter-in-law knows very well to bring house’s talk in house only.

Baa said then God had said to her in her dream that go snake woman and send washing machine to their house. Rakhi replied, Baa, why are you making an issue of such a small thing? And actually, the thing in which you must create an issue there you always keep quiet. When your son’s girlfriend comes to the house, you don’t have any problem. But you are feeling wrong about the washing machine coming into the house. Strange family, here strains are welcomed, but the people who remove strains are not liked.

Paritosh thought exactly; my family doesn’t know to appreciate the gifts.

Anupama said Rakhi, sister, you have come to daughter law’s house, sit silently, drink tea, eat dhokla, ask well being of a daughter. Just don’t be stubborn to give the gift to the daughter. Till now, those people are standing outside of the house. Ask them to take back the washing machine.

Rakhi replied, come on, Mrs. Shah. Take it whether it looks good to take back the gift brought in daughter law’s house. And if you feel that much worse, you can give me money for this. I know your financial crisis is going on right now, but who am I asking for money now?

You can give me when you have it. You are also feeling bad so that you can decide the installment as per your status. I mean Rs. 1 daily. Kinjal said, mom, please! Rakhi continues if you give Rs. 1 daily, then EMI will get completed in 70,000 days.

Baa said, oh God. This machine is of Rs. 70,000. What it does. Will it dry clothes in the thread by itself? Rakhi replied, unfortunately yet this type of technology hasn’t come, Baa. Actually, they don’t have innovative people like you. Okay, so what I am saying, you people can pay in the installment.

If you don’t like the joke of Rs. 1, then we will decide yearly installment. A monthly installment would not be possible for you. From a small teaching job, I mean whether you will manage household expenses or fill the EMI?

Vanraj shouted Mrs. Dave! You are our co-in-law; that’s why I am quiet till now. Now, I will not take my wife’s insult, not even for a minute. And it’s none of your business that what my wife can afford and what not. What’s more about this washing machine to buy such washing machine for my wife in a moment.

Rakhi started clapping and said, my wife, wow! Toshu dear, go and bring sweets. Your father’s memory came back. He remembered that your mom is his wife. Just kidding! Actually, I am so happy to hear this. I feel like taking balaiyan of both of you. You again become Vanraj from Ravanraj.

How sweet! Let no one’s evil eye be on you both. Oh, you people must say thank you to me, because of me see how both of them become in one side at the moment. In fact, such moments must be captured, let’s take a selfie, okay.

Kinjal said, mom, just stop it. Vanraj angrily replied, now how it matters to stop her. You must think about it before telling your mom about this house. You do mummy mummy entire day in the house while your mom is insulting her, and you are standing here silently.

Anupama said, don’t talk to Kinjal like this. She doesn’t have any mistakes. Vanraj replied if there is no mistake of Kinjal, then who tells Mrs. Dave about the washing machine? Anupama said Kinjal wouldn’t do anything like this. She called Kinjal while we are talking about this in the morning. It might be she heard that time.

Rakhi replied, right, I had listened. Baa said, okay, so you just came with the machine after hearing this. Rakhi replied, yes, I want to give a surprise. Vanraj said, you want to give us a surprise; you only want to pull us down and want to do drama here.

Rakhi replied you people are creating a scene, Mr. Shah. She said to Kinjal, tell me something, dear. If I got to know that the washing machine is awry in my daughter law’s house and they don’t afford to purchase a new one, then as a mother, what should I do? If you are at my place, then what would you do, dear? Would you see your mother wash clothes from her hands?

Hey this lady, what would she do a job, household work, teach dance, or wash clothes at home? And I am saying dear that give me money later. Then why is everyone overreacting that much? I know Kinjal, Mrs. Shah will not tell you to wash clothes. But I also know that when you saw her washing clothes from hand, then you felt terrible. And you will try to help her.

I don’t want, never want my daughter to wash clothes that’s why I came here with the machine. If I think about my daughter and Mrs. Shah, what wrong did I do in it? Everyone understands that I am wrong, and perhaps I am wrong, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t do good ever.

Kinjal said I think you are saying right, mom. Her intentions are not wrong, mummy (mother-in-law). Vanraj said I thought you are an intelligent girl and have good identification about good and evil. But I was clearly wrong because you came on your mother’s talk so easily. Can’t you see how your mom is manipulating you?

Kinjal said to Anupama, that day, you said that the thing could be ended there only, but because of my stupidity, that thing rises so much that everyone’s mood got spoiled. Today is happening the same. It is not as big as it has been. I know my mom uses to say things that she doesn’t have to, she does what she doesn’t need to do, but that doesn’t mean that she is always wrong only.

Baa said a dog’s tail could be straightened, but your mom can not. Rakhi replied Excuse me! Anupama said, Kinjal dear. You are saying absolutely right; there must be no fight in such a matter, while in a family, there must be no fight on any issue. Rakhi sister, thank you so much for thinking so much for us, and along with that, sorry too, because we can’t take this washing machine.

But I promise you whether here is a washing machine or not but I will not let Kinjal wash clothes. And if I need anything or need help, then I would not ask you like a co-in-law, while I will take it as a sister rightfully. Right now, we don’t need this washing machine that’s why please take your gift back.

Rakhi said to Kinjal, fine then, bye! Kinjal thought mom did anything right in life for the first time, the first time anybody thought good for mother-in-law despite me.

Rakhi went outside and said to machine carriers, lister brother, you people take this machine somewhere or throw it somewhere. Just take it, go. While Rakhi saw Kavya and thought Kavya, what she is doing here? She is locking the door. It means she shifted here. Oh, My God! How I missed this episode of “Jahan Piya wahan Mai.”

Rakhi raised her hand by seeing Kavya, but she passed away from there. Meanwhile, Rakhi shouted Mr. Shah, for sure you don’t need this machine for your wife? Kavya listened and turned around. Baa said, see, now she started shouting from outside.

Vanraj said, one minute, Baa. I will see it. He said to Rakhi when we cleared you everything, why are you doing drama here? Rakhi replied I am just confirming. Actually, I am worried about Mrs. Shah, that’s why. Vanraj replied to do Anupama’s worry her husband is still alive.

Kavya was shocked. Vanraj said if my wife had any need, I am here to fulfill her every need. Rakhi replied, Oh, really. She looked at Kavya while Vanraj also noticed her and went inside. Rakhi thought, let’s go; work has completed.

Rakhi said to Kavya, I thought I would set the fire, but you have already become ashes. I deserve this look. After all, I speak the truth. And those who speak the truth get such looks from this cruel world. Your boyfriend was talking like Anupama’s possessive husband in front of you. He didn’t apologize or beg for your forgiveness when he saw you. He turned around and went to his wife, Anupama. When you couldn’t say anything to him, why are you giving me these dirty looks?

While the taxi came and Kavya moves towards it to sit. Rakhi holds the taxi gate and said Vanraj is so lucky. His wife used to tolerate everything silently, and now his girlfriend too. Such women are called something. What is it? Yes! Oh, the poor ones! Kavya, I never thought that you would be one of them.

I guess, in this country, women can change their way of dressing but not thinking. They keep thinking about the old song. “Bhala Hai Bura Hai Jaisa Bhi Hai Mera Pati… Mera Boyfriend Mera Devta Hai..” While leaving, shall I bid you adieu or pity you? Too much confusion. Isn’t it?

Kavya sits in the taxi. Rakhi thought I did a great job. I taught them such a good lesson without a washing machine.

Kavya looked tensed while Vanraj is waiting for her call. She picked her call and said hello. Vanraj thought Kavya had heard me. Then why hasn’t she called me yet? Perhaps, she is accepting the truth now. At least, she would not create a new scene now. Anupama noticed Kavya from her kitchen.

Paritosh said Kinjal, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about your mother? Kinjal replied, no, about my mother-in-law. Toshu, don’t you think that she has softened towards father-in-law? Paritosh said, Kinjal, it is good if that is the case. See, I know what my father did was wrong. But don’t you think that he has been punished enough? So, what is the problem if my parents patch up now?

Kinjal replied, Toshu, I don’t know, but she should not have sided with father-in-law. Paritosh said, Kinjal, my mother wasn’t siding with him. She just didn’t accept mother-in-law Rakhi’s gift. Because she never accepts any gift from anyone. She is like that.

Kinjal replied, but Toshu, my mom, thought about my mother-in-law for the first time genuinely. At least she could have accepted the gift for her sake. She could have paid later.

At least we could have avoided creating such a big issue. My mom would not have been upset and… Paritosh asked and what? Kinjal replied, and when your dad addressed your mom as his wife, she didn’t react at all.

Paritosh asked Kinjal what she would react? You want her to create an issue again in front of your mom. Kinjal, it happened all of a sudden. None of us knew how to react. And I am sure my mom was also confused. Kinjal replied I don’t know Toshu; what’s the reason, but whenever I take a stand for your mom against your dad, she asks me to shut up. Maybe she’s changing her mind. Paritosh said, Kinjal, even if that’s the case, it is good for everyone.

Anupama turned the house’s light off and remembered when Vanraj said I would not tolerate anymore insult to my wife. I can buy such machines anytime for my wife. She angrily opened Vanraj’s room door and said, why did you call me as your wife when our relationship is ended now… She saw Vanraj is sleeping and Samar also, so she thought maybe he said it to stop Mrs. Rakhi. But why did he say it in front of Kavya outside? I need to talk to him in the morning.

The next morning Anupama said I went to the temple, and I have offered food to God just as you asked me, Baa. Baa is indicating her while Anupama asked what? Anupama looked at the new washing machine; Baa said, surprise! That’s why I sent you to the temple as an excuse.

Anupama replied, Baa, new washing machine! Baa, you and Bapuji ordered this new washing machine for me; thank you. Baa replied, we didn’t order it. Vanraj ordered it for you. Isn’t it really nice? It looks more like Asha Parekh than a machine. And expect taking out the clothes from the wardrobe, it can wash them, dry them, and ring an alarm once the clothes are done.

Anupama remembered Vanraj’s saying I will not tolerate anymore insult to my wife. Anupama’s husband is here to take care of her. Take your mom in the car. My choices have changed now.

Baa said didn’t I tell you that one-day Vanraj will return to you? He cares for you a lot. He bought this expensive machine for you. Now, do you believe that he has returned to his family? Anupama just turned around and goes, while Baa said, what happened to her? She must have gone to say thank you to Vanraj.

Bapuji replied, Leela, nothing will happen like what you are thinking. Buying a machine can’t change your son… and neither will my daughter get carried away by it.

Anupama went towards Vanraj and said, why are you trying to act like my husband? I understand the reason for what Ms. Rakhi did. But you. Why did you buy this expensive machine for me? From which right, from which relation?

Vanraj replied I see you hustling around daily. On top of that, you have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities because of me. I don’t want your job get affected because of all these reasons, so… I am worried about you.

Anupama asked, worried! You are worried about me. Vanraj replied Can’t I be worried about you? Anupama asked why? Why are you worrying about me all of a sudden? I always used to do the household works. When our kids are small, there was no machine, mixer in the house, and Jhilmil was not there. Then also, I do all the work from my hands. You weren’t worried about me back then. So why now?

Vanraj replied because it’s visible now. Before, I used to go to the office in the morning and come back at night. Never saw anything; anything was visible to me. But now, I am at home all day long. And I could see your efforts and your pain. I could see you. I saw how you work and put in efforts all day long without getting tired. Take care of my parents and kids. Anupama, you are very nice. After happening all that, you took care of me. I didn’t ask why you are taking care of me because I have the answer to this why.

Anupama asked what answer? Vanraj replied that no matter how distanced a husband and wife are, they will never be apart. I got hurt, and you closed that distance immediately. When you can be worried about me, then why can’t I? If a husband doesn’t worry about his wife, then who will? Anupama, no matter what…

Anupama replied, enough! I had said this before, standing in the same spot in this room, and I am saying it again. I am not Anupama Vanraj Shah. Even, I am not your wife. I am only Anupama. A woman, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a mother-in-law, a sister, a friend, a sister-in-law, and that’s it. Nothing more than that! Nothing at all!

Precap: Anupama said it was your decision to love another woman and not your wife. And it is my decision not to take you back into my life. Vanraj replied, Anu, I know that we are miles apart from each other despite living under the same roof. But I will definitely close this distance. Kavya thought your decisions have also forced me to make a decision. Maybe that is the best decision for both of us.