Anupama 22 January 2021: Vanraj’s Unexpected Decision

Vanraj said, at least you must ask me before deciding. I am angry with you, but it doesn’t mean that I want to be with Anupama. Kavya, I live with my family before as well, I used to sleep with Anupama in the same room, but you never reacted like that before. In fact, you used to understand me; you never said anything about division.

When I had a problem with Anupama, you used to support me. You don’t know right why I went to my house, not yours? Because I got scared! I saw my death in front of my eyes, Kavya. And at that time, not me, each human being would go to their comfort zone only, near his kids, family and along with his family to live.

Anupama saw Vanraj and Kavya at Kavya’s house from her kitchen.

Vanraj then said I didn’t tell you that day because you would become more insecure. But you were right. Whatever you said in the car that day was right. Anupama is really trying to be near me.

Kinjal came into the kitchen and watch Vanraj. She asked Anupama, dad! Whether he goes to meet her or? Anupama replied he could answer this only. Vanraj said to Kavya I love my family and parents. That’s why I tolerated Anupama. And still, I need to do the same.

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I know what she is doing, but I can’t react because I don’t want to lose my family again. My condition becomes like a street dog, neither of the house nor mooring. On top of that helpless, living likes a stranger in my own house. I don’t know about the job whether it will continue or not. There that Bapuji, who always take Anupama’s side.

Rakhi Dave taunted me before; now, her daughter also starts taunting me.

Somehow all this is not enough that now you also. It is better that I died that day. Kavya replied, V, and hugged him. Please don’t repeat this mistakenly. Please! Vanraj smiled after hearing this.

Anupama and Kinjal watched Kavya and Vanraj hugged each other. Kinjal said as expected. Vanraj said, whatever you did at Toshu’s wedding. I was angry about that, but it doesn’t mean I am doing all this to punish you. Else I am doing this just to realize your mistake.

That doesn’t mean I was happy to see you like this. I was also in pain. Perhaps, I am wrong, or my way to do it was wrong. Anyway, as you said, all these things are pointless now. Life has given me one shock, and you gave me another shock. I don’t know I can handle myself or not. But you don’t worry; Vanraj Shah would drink poison by himself but would never come on your way.

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Anyway, now you have decided to move on so I will not stop you. I always want your happiness, Kavya. And I am sorry that I can’t give you that happiness you always deserve. Now, I know that your happiness is not with me. I am really sorry, Kavya. I didn’t know that our love story ends like this. Sorry!

Vanraj turned around, started moving, and thought, why is she not stopping me?

He came out of the Kavya’s house and saw Anupama standing in the kitchen. He remembered her words; the relationship you talked about was broken, ended now. I was your wife, but not now. Vanraj stepped forward towards Shah House while Kavya came and said, stop, V.

Kavya said, you are right, V. This can’t be the end of our love story. Love’s story must be ended when love ends. And we both love each other so much. That’s why I feel jealous to see you with Anupama, and you feel jealous to see me with Anirudh. Whether you say it yourself or not, I can see it by your moves that you can’t see me with Anirudh because you love me, V.

Kavya thought I am sorry, V. I used Anirudh to realize to you that how much you love me. It’s wrong, unfair, but it’s love. And in love, each mistake, crime is forgiven. Kavya remembered Rakhi’s word when she said Kavya, throw this image of oh, poor! It doesn’t suit you.

Vanraj is literally in front of you. You have to bring your hand forward to achieve him. You are jealous of seeing Anupama and Vanraj together. Don’t you burn, let Vanraj burn. And you know this very well, how to do it else you are intelligent enough.

Kavya said to Vanraj, V, I want freedom from Anupama related insecurities.

You have to choose one between Anupama and me. Now nothing would behalf. If I win, it will be complete and lose then wholly lost. Now, you will be entirely mine or else not at all mine. If you want to come to me, so you have to end all your relations with Anupama, mentally, emotionally, and legally too.

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Paritosh asked kinjal, let me know that question, Kinjal. While he noticed her and asked, you are in which deep thought, my madam? Kinjal replied that when I was helping my mother-in-law in the kitchen, I saw dad at Kavya’s house. I mean, for a man, everything is so easy to go to his girlfriend’s home in front of his kids, parents, and wife to meet her.

Toshu, all this looks so strange to me. Today, when I saw dad at Kavya’s house, I remembered my mom’s words.

Paritosh asked which words? Kinjal replied her way of saying it is wrong, but she always says that extramarital affairs are also okay at this house. Paritosh said, Kinjal, it’s not like that. Kinjal then said, now, if we see then, that thing was not wrong, Toshu.

Paritosh said, no Kinjal. Sometimes situations are like that; you can’t react like you want to. Kinjal replied, agreed! But remain silent and keep our eyes close while watching all this, is it right? Whether it’s right to live with such complications? Paritosh said, okay, chuck it! We have to give this time to our studies, right.

So, we don’t discuss anything right now, just do studies. Kinjal replied, no, Toshu. We will study later. I am not in the mood. Paritosh said, Kinjal, but we have to do the studies. Kinjal replied I said it, baby; I don’t want to study. We will study later, please.

Paritosh said, we don’t need to study if you have accepted your mom’s offer.

Kinjal asked what? What did you just say? Paritosh replied nothing. I was just joking. Kinjal said, Toshu, I know it very well that this was not your joke. And if it is a joke, so don’t do it again.

Anupama brings tea for Baa. Baa said my son is missing for so long. Neither he has a phone, nor anyone is with him, but here nobody is worried for him. Bapuji replied, he will come, Leela. He is not a kid that he will be lost. Baa said he is not a kid but not well too. He is not completely fine; I don’t know if he fainted on the way and fallen then?

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The house ring bells; Baa said, looks like he came. She said to Anupama, why are you standing here? Go open the door. Anupama opened the door and saw Vanraj standing. Everyone got relaxed after watching him; Baa said it’s by the grace of God that you are alright. Where were you? We all are worried here very much. Come on. She said to Kinjal, let’s go, we all will have dinner together. Prepare for it! While Kavya steps forward.

Vanraj thought, if you know how to show stubbornness, I know how to deal with it.

Kavya though I told you, Anupama, I will take V from here. Just watch me!

Baa asked Vanraj, what is this bowl of maida doing here with you? Why is she here? Vanraj replied, Baa, I am going with Kavya. Now, I shall stay with her. Baa said, are you mad? How can you make the same mistake again? Don’t do this. And don’t give up so soon. Everything will be fine, gradually. I am here, I am telling you. Time heals everything. Just have patience and don’t talk about leaving your house.

Pakhi said, papa, please don’t do this. You had said you would not leave us. What happened then? Baa said for sure she provoked him. Have you bewitched my son? Otherwise, he has made his mind to stay here. Why don’t you let us live in peace? Why are you hell-bent on running our family?

Vanraj replied, Baa, don’t blame Kavya. This is my decision. Baa said it is not right if it is your decision. See by doing while Vanraj said Baa, please. I have decided. And now my decision will not change. This time I just would not leave my house but also go away so far from Anupama’s life forever. And I shall marry Kavya.

Kavya said, V, let me pack your belongings.

You may bid everyone goodbye till then. Baa said to Anupama, What are you looking at by standing here? Stop him! She said to Vanraj; you would not go anywhere. I am saying you would not go anywhere. She asked Bapuji, Why are you silent? Make him understand! He is going to make the same mistake again.

Baa asked Vanraj, why are you doing this? Why are you leaving your family and home? Why? Vanraj replied due to Anupama. Baa, you have witnessed. I wanted to start from the beginning. I wanted to rectify my mistake.

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Even I wanted to give our relationship another chance, but what can I do alone if Anupama isn’t ready Baa? I apologized and tried everything, but she is not ready to forgive me. I can’t fall to her feet and plead, can I Baa? Kavya is happily packing Vanraj’s stuff.

Vanraj said to Anupama, thank you.

Thank you for taking care of me. And thank you for letting me stays at your house. Thank you very much for taking care of me. Anupama replied, welcome. I know why you are doing all this.

Even I know why you made this decision after we talked at the temple. I understand everything. I shall repeat this. Don’t do the same with Kavya what you did with me. Earlier I used to be angry with her. Now I feel pity. She doesn’t even know the person she loves madly; he loves only himself.

Kavya brings Vanraj’s stuff while Anupama walks away from there. Anupama thought you had made a decision. Now, I have to make a decision. She calls Sanjay and said Jai Shree Krishna, Sanjay brother! I have a work from you. Your friend Mr. Patel that advocate, can we meet him tomorrow? I need to talk about divorce. I will meet you tomorrow.


Kavya said to file for your divorce soon. Vanraj replied, there is no problem about my divorce. Anupama would not create any problem, but Anirudh will. Anirudh came and said, you are absolutely right. And just like everything has a price, this divorce will also have a price. Rs.60 Lakhs only! Anupama went to the Lawyer’s office and said I want a divorce.