Netrikann Movie Review: Thriller, starring Nayanthara, is a fascinating story of interest but offers some surprises

Netrikann – Nayanthara’s latest sightseeing, directed by Milind Rau – started with a woman typing on her call panicked while driving in the middle of the highway. If it doesn’t give you anxiety there, I don’t know whether the rest of the film will.

Netrikann, this is a relatively simple business.

Netrikann is the story of Durga, an EX-CBI agent, about disability support after losing his vision in an accident on the road. One day, he fell prey to s*xual predators who kidnapped and violated young women.

Even though he escaped from the moustache, he became determined to arrest him and took him to court. How did he do this made the whole film.

For Thriller films, Netrikann offers several surprises. In the first few minutes, we know that criminals are a psychopath. And the unusual trio of a woman who disrupted visually.

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A police officer was ridiculed, and a polite young man would get it in the end. Should ‘sensation’ should be in a way, but it was a little and far between them. The most straightforward question, some witness Pujol, disguised operations, message group WhatsApp and Voila! The kidnapper was detained.

Despite its simplicity, neutralizes are somewhat involved. In the first few minutes, we learn somewhat relaxed that Durga was a CBI agent. I expect flashbacks, showing him in training, as the top of the batch, sniper, president medal saluted the flag and so on. Nobody’s coming. This is not a type of film that spoon-feed you. It expects you to get it and get along.

So, without much fanfare, this film reaches crime and investigation. The interval block is gripping. Even if it can be predicted. It keeps us connected to the side of the Durga. The order in which Durga pretends not to be blind is smart. Climax battles deftly straddle dramatic talents and realistic possibilities.

Manikandan is very good as a police officer called Golden Heart:

He is also called Manikandan in the film. He realized self-awareness and despair needed to play. The character without being dramatic about it. We saw him pleading, begging and took his boss to help him.

Even when it disappointed his boss, which he could collect was, “Po yes” (a rather respectful way to say “get lost”). It is sincerity that makes the comedy chuckled.

The introductory scene, which made him the moniker sambar, was a great sign of what he got in the end. Every time he says “scene-u” and imagines him justified, he made us more root for him.

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It’s hard to say whether the character is written. With more visual details than Durga or that Manikandan fills this gap as an actor, but it makes it work and how! For example, Durga has flashbacks, montage songs, several conversations, and scenes that explain the exchange for the audience, but Manikandan only gets a short moment. We never get a backstory for why they painted him.

Except for comments passing by colleagues. But manikandan, actor, don’t let us forget that he is an understood underdog too. He made characters not only relatable but also immensely liked and like life.

In the Stark contrast, Ajmal Amir is a psychopathic kidnapper as if he jumped out of the comic book. Excessive expression, the shipping of the Staccato dialogue was less threatening than disgusting.

Even though Durga looked tiny in front of his towering figure, he didn’t look like he had the opportunity to fight at all. It doesn’t help the character written awkwardly too. He got a useless background as if ‘explain’ his difficulties became a psychopath. Without giving too much, I would not be surprised if the gyn*ecologist was offended.

However, the problem starts long before that.

The order of the scene was strange. This film began to set for viewers that the character was a psychopath. In that process, we lose a surprise from the invention on time.

Immediately after an accident where Durga lost his brother and his vision, the film jumped to the song about moving – Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum (this would also pass).

This film does not give him time to grieve. So, when the conversation around his guilt appeared later, it made me wonder if he hadn’t moved because the song suggested before. The film, sometimes, rather trope-y too.

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Overall, neutrikann is an exciting thriller by a group of underdogs. I will watch a series of TV follow-up where Durga is marked visually. And indeed incompetent pursuing Chennai criminals. I held it against the Milind Rau for eliminating all the possibilities.