Merise Merise Review: It sounds familiar? That’s because the plot is very similar to Pelli Choopulu

Vennela Harbors has a big dream to become a fashion designer, and Siddhu is an entrepreneur struggling.

How these two help each other reach their goals forming the core of the fairy tale.

Before Merise Merise Hit Screens, the maker opened it because the film came from the Pelli Choopulu. While the same team delivered a hit which then won a national award, they struggled to tell this unique story this time.

Shwetha Avasthi provides decent performance and looks fantastic. He keeps the audience stay connected even through a boring scene. Dinesh Tej is decent but has scope for repairs. But he had done a better job than he did in Hushaaru’s previous film. Music and BGM Kodagondla Kodagondla worth mention specifically.

As a debutant director, Pavan Kumar conducted several errors that they could forgive. But the culture of watching a pandemic film took them to illuminate light. Unless the audience felt it was a good idea to share, air recycled with strangers, with a mask lit up, mention the village may not have a chance in the theatre.

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Siddhu (Dinesh Tej) has made Vennela’s ambition. Vennela, played by Swha Avasthi, wants to be an instant fashion designer. He has eight months to go up the stairs, and he will marry a doctor based in London in the 8th month. Siddhu is an ordinary man who can help him realize his dream instantly – by creating an application instantly, for example. But there was a catch. He fell in love with him.

What happens following forms the spirit of the climax.

If you are 25 years old and fail to float a beginner company because a venture capitalist refuses to finance your idea, how likely you become Devadas? After this extraordinary failure, men took the lead in ‘gloom’ and began behaving as if he was born to release his wealthy father’s money. He boozes and has a Joker company. He bid on Adieu to Bengaluru and started on vacation in Hyderabad, where the coping mechanism took a strange form.

In helping Vennela, he came with a rare wisdom. He told the starter fashion designer that something. That is called Instagram. Where he could promote the design. And the enlightenment is instant. After his failure recently, he decided not to do coding again. But he took it for once by Vennela, who shouted at him after the application developed a bug. The film unit was too lazy to provide the night application to crash because it would mean several attempts.

Vennela and Siddhu are really running out of time. But now, they behave as if they are Big Bigg inmates. Who have been given the task of selling some designs to fellow friends. The expression of a famous female hero is indifferent to the situation that the character passes. An angel investor is looking for a failed person, and he is ready to help them. Fortunately for them, Siddhu and Vennela look like a failed entity.

Vennela was never seen talking to her fiance for weeks.

When he is around, farmers behave like Wannabe Don than a quality London-based doctor. He is arrogant and generous because he must look unacceptable so that our hero can love the hero. This is the first rule of these stories in Telugu’s cinema. The second most important rule of ‘he is engaged to one.

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But falling in love with the story of others is that the reasonable person must be unemployed but very talented. He must drink and embarrass other people’s bodies while becoming a simple genius, without rare, and occasionally.

The performance of Dinesh Tej is better than a woman hero. Heroes’ friends get the convenience and time to come to be tapped by filmmakers. Teacher Raj and Sandhya Janak each played father and mother Heroes.