“Ishq: Not A Love Story” Movie Review: Strange mixture of feminism and misogyny

Ishq tries to study the problem of moral police and eventually becomes no more than a case study on big, fat, men’s egos. The young couple faces a moral police trap when physically and mentally harassed by an unknown man. With their love being tested, how did they handle it?

Ishq is the Telugu remake of the 2019 Malayalam film:

With the same name that sees viewers divided when released. However, it can be praised that the adaptation of SS Raju, just as the original. Arousing how the moral police affect young and unmarried couples. Who only want to date and get to know each other.

The way filmmakers become ‘eyes for the eyes’ scenario must be problematic. When women always block the burden of society inherent in honour. And respect their bodies, the way the film handles the subject is troublesome.

Siddhu (Teja Sajja) is your ordinary person. Who likes to spend time with his girlfriend. Anu (Priya Prakash Varrier) and wants to settle him. He was very positive and wanted to make sure his birthday remained unforgettable. Two duets, one long trip on the beach road.

After looking for a private angle to have time alone and find a parking lot. The problem came knocked in Madhav (Ravindra Vijay), who claimed that he was a police officer. He threatened them for personal details, immediately joined another man, and everything was just a spiral from there. What started as a romantic link soon turned into the worst dream of each partner.

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The way Siddhu characters are written, you hope at the end.

Of all the trials that most don’t want him to know. If his girlfriend is mental, see how he is so ‘possessive’. That doesn’t happen. Toxic masculinity is not new for Indian cinemas. And filmmakers find ways to put it in a story. That initially did an excellent job of exploring many couples on this country’s face.

Ishq studies well for not only how uncomfortable. How scary it is when each random uncle believes that his business. It is to know everything. About you and feel free to speak in many ways. What is scary is how a good man should feel comfortable. Using the same double expert in small children who might end up needing years of therapy.

Ishq is a strange mix of feminism and misogyny that does not gel well together. On the one hand, you have Anu. Who prefers to live in a dangerous situation. Then seek help because he doesn’t want to embarrass his family.

But he also knew what he wanted from a partner. And gladly gave him the finger when he did not align with his thought process. Siddhu should be a ‘hero’.

From the story of the music method played in the background. When he was on the screen. He will fight with a random man because he sees his girlfriend. And the idea of ​​revenge is so crooked. No sane who can come with it.

The transition is rather extreme and booming.

Teja Sajja and Priya Prakash gave their role, but Ravindra Vijay lived. With you is for a long time after he finished the film. The character is very crooked; He played it evil, Gleeful Abandon. At the end of all that, the songs by Mahati Swara Sagar.

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Added nothing to the film and chemistry between the lead partner so less. It is boring you until the film entered the thickness. Ishq has the potential to be something more. If only the subject is handled better than ultimately to anything. Other than a case study on a large, fat male ego.