“Thimmarusu” Movie Review: Aravind the taxi driver changed brutally on a rainy night

The Romans had a tough time in the digital age, where many moviegoers had likely seen the original film. Unless the scriptwriters and directors remake the story to satisfy audiences’ sensibilities in different regions, the remake may be a pale shadow of the original.

Timaru is a remake of the Canadian film Birbal (2019). Staying true to M. G. Srinivas’ original story, director Sharan Koppisetty cuts the handle to deliver a compelling film. Apart from the plausible brain story, much of the film is the presence of actor Satya Dev, who plays the intelligent lawyer named Ramacandra on a large scale.

Sauk is an integral part of Timaru.

This can quickly become a highly emotional story. Where the unjustly accused character hopes that the character will be his saviour. Desperate youth Vasu (Ankit Koya) does not cry. He is nervous about someone who has been punished. And Ramacandra has to work to earn his trust.

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The first act depicts a rainy night in 2011 when a taxi driver. Who is also a police informant, is brutally murdered. Vasu, who came and informed the police, was framed and punished. Eight years later, Ramacandra continues the case when the wealthy law firm he works for decides to hear some cases for free for those who can’t afford legal advice.

Anu (Priyanka Yavalkar) and Sudhakar (Brahmaji) help Ramachandra end the investigation. The exchange between Ramachandra and Sudhakar set the tone for the funny moments.

In an attempt to partially examine the effects of Rashomon, Ramachandra tries to see evil from a different angle. A few twists and turns throw the investigative trio and Vasu off-balance as Ramachandra reveals all his cards and reaches the end of the puzzle.

The latest revelations are no big surprise.

But the situation leading up to it kept us invested. The sequence of fights in the elevator and others. With suitcases is a touch of masala. Which Satya Dev effectively pulls off. However, I hope this film doesn’t explain every method used to bribe the audience.

After more than two hours. Sricharan Pakala, who has been able to compose thrillers with closed eyes, again underlines the case with his essential practical judgment. Appu Prabhakar’s cinematography complements the intimate thriller with a more earthy and darker tone.

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Satya Dev does a good balancing act and portrays a brain hero who can also handle masala segments without looking directly at them. Brahmaji continues laughing. Ankit Koya, who was present at Johaar, was impressive in internalizing the anger and helplessness of the victim.

In her short role, Jansi speaks more diminutive but conveys more with her body language. Could have written leading female characters better; Priyanka Yavalkar played it well, but not much to set it apart.

Timaru raised his hat to the historical figure of the same name, Prime Minister Krishnadevaraya.

Although the Kannada film is part of a trilogy, it remains if creator Timarusu will follow suit with further investigation. Carp, whose previous film Kirrak Party was also a remake. Delivers an exciting thriller to welcome audiences back to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh theatres.

Most investigations and stories take place out of court, so don’t expect anything inspiring in court scenes or disputes. Although we see the persecution that has misled the burqa for centuries, the culmination of the shrewd antagonists getting what they want and the idea of ​​Satyadev seeing their faces is something new and clever.

Again, the secret that Satyadev keeps from everyone until the end is something we don’t expect, but this is where Timarusu comes from and closes this particular case personally and professionally.

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Timaru may not be the best film with a theatrical experience after the Abyss. With lots of great news about the OTT release. Thimmarusu can also be seen on OTT at a later date.