Bannerghatta Review: Kartik Ramakrishnan Starrer is a wild wild animal film

Something about the gems that have not been cut. From a film invites our curiosity and admiration. It only displays one main Aashiq character. And he was played with casual naturalness by Karthik Ramakrishnan.

It felt like a privacy invasion for us to file a telephone conversation with his furious wife. His little son insisted on hearing horror stories before he went to bed.

And friends and relatives and relatives. Aashiq spoke when He drove a taxi with a mysterious precious package. To be sent at the end of the city of smoke.

We will not know until the end of the package.

Aashiq. Thriller-free soft bones build a hunch atmosphere out of a bit of plot or drama. When Aashiq encouraged him to call his sister, who had gone to Bangaluru for a job interview.

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When he spoke to the girl, he said his brother was followed. By three men who seemed to be drunk in a fast car. Then his voice suddenly broke out and extinguished the call.

The idea of ​​calling a loved one who ended up suddenly amid the danger will occur. Wisnu Narayana’s director did not play in the crisis. Instead, he let it grow and develop with his own will.

Tensions increased interspersed by nervous camera movements that mainly were still in the car. What we feel is the taste of time that runs out. When the crisis is close in Aashiq. Only a call to help find his sister, and it also moved away.

At some storytelling points, I can see the writer’s scenario struggling to provide material to plot forward. The first 20 minutes or used to build a sense of latent despair in Aashiq because he seems to roll over the domestic and financial crisis with lies and avoidance.

There is a subtle moral with a narrative face because Aashiq knows that his sister wore jeans for interviews without the family’s consent or knowledge. Inference withdrawn from this rebellion that Aashiq does not voice is that a girl wearing jeans will likely get a problem when travelling alone.

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I took the whole drama situation from what we heard the aashiq proverb on the phone.

His panic when his sister disappeared was contagious. I want to know that the girl is somehow safe. In this film, the protagonist and the audience becomes one.

And that’s the most significant achievement of this film without a hero, a woman hero, criminal or melodrama. Only a helpless destiny hopes his sister is not dangerous. It’s not difficult to empathize with.

The film is mostly a strange experiment with a single man who appears on the screen for the longest time, even though others appear later.

Driving disturbs, a response often design for phone calls. And dimly lit nights that form a background building. A sense of danger and confusion at first, making viewers wonder where it is all.

But, early enough, someone also understood. How naive and inexperienced his character was. And maybe a few things might not be suitable for him.

From there, it was waiting without stopping to see how chaotic and how. There is an element of assistance offered. Towards the end of one of its concerns. But on the contrary, the event revealed, more or less, can be an easy allegation.

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This film heavily depends on the responses of Karthik to induce thriller effects. But in restrictive settings – good stories and performance. It does not seem too easy for him to deliver.