The Vigil Movie Review: The debut feature is a well-made haunted house film

One of the best clubhouse features this year is also the weakest. The Vigil, a horror film labelled with a refreshing, unique cultural identity, arrived at Amazon Prime Video after a brash theatre run this year, followed by a pay-per-air debut a few weeks later. The third time is the charm.

The Vigil is a foreign language film based on Orthodox Jews in New York City.

This is a more exciting story about the Jewish community than two James Gray lovers or a gem that has not been cut safely. To juggle Claustrophobia, the Director of Keith Thomas depends less on the arrangement of haunted and more houses in the inconvenience inherent born in the Fringe group.

We met our protagonist, Yakov, an opening scene designed with a deft that formed his inner conflict and kicked the plot. Yakov was somewhat from a Hasid Jew. A tragic incident in the past recently was taken.

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It triggered a crisis of faith in him. Tied for cash and could barely call the confidence to talk to a girl he noticed, Yakov accepted an emergency offer for a disturbing performance.

An old acquaintance guilty – works to accept the work of ‘Shomer’ – someone who has to ‘maintain vigilance over the body of the person who just died overnight, protecting him from evil spirits occasionally reciting holy verses, but mostly, give.

The company’s soul company has departed. Usually, ‘Shomer’ will be someone from his own deceased family. But we are told that Mr Litvak – the dead – is a little loner. He left behind was a horror house and a creepy old wife.

Almost immediately after Yakov arrived at the house:

Mrs Litvak took out a terrible warning – go before it’s too late. Brushing his words as the shaking of a senile woman, she settled for a playlist of the night. When she was ready, a woman to send a text message, and a corpse right next to it. Everything starts to be strange.

At first, the tactics scare the base. The lights began to flash, the items walked ‘creaky’ and ‘crash’ in the dark. But Yakov immediately realized that something was right.

Almost not investing in the job, he tried to convince Litvak mistress to go with him and waited for others to arrive in the morning, as they promised. But he refused. He told him that he was marked by Mazzik.

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The evil spirit of Jewish mythology – and the possibility, now, he too. Mazzik only targets ‘broken’ and terrorizes them by taking a disturbing dive into those who are fragile.

Not only the obligation of one of the best horror films in the past few years:

But it is also one of the few scary films to explore Jewish culture, periods. If I remember correctly, the latter was the production of Sam Raimi. Which was quite dense (but without limitation), ownership, inspired by creepy urban myths from the haunted Dybbuk box.

But while the film is a straight Schlock-Fest, Vigil, in the change of dramatic events, it turns out to be an intense drama about Jewish trauma – a congenital consequence that is not there from the community, even caregivers like Yakov, can be avoided.

Revealed the past of the Holocaust, Mr Litvak and the broad allegory of films about the abundance of painful pain began to form. Vigil works as a horror film not only in a traditional sense but as the best film in the genre. It arouses terror by attacking your subconscious and fight the desire to bombard you with a leap scar.

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Christianity seems to enter this market. Because, in a very detailed environment full of ancient rituals, it is one for age. To overcome the horror of the past, he said, someone must first be willing to face them. And to enjoy a real horror movie, one must first be willing to watch it.