‘Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road’ Review: Saga of the former Beach Boy and a love letter to an infamous pop star and singer

Even if you too think that the Brian Wilson is God then yes, I know that you can easily say that we don’t need another documentary about him.

There are some good, rich, and deep, like “Brian Wilson: I’m just not made for now,” 1995 musician meditation directed by the Don Record Producer, or “Brian Wilson and the story of ‘smile’.,” Who recorded the history Most fairy tales of all the albums unfinished.

And the extraordinary story of how, in 2004, Wilson and Danan Sahaja put His Majesty back together again. “Love & Mercy” (2014) not a documentary, but it has the real power of life; This is one of the great music biopics, with insight into the perfect troop storm that makes Brian Wilson beat.

Beyond that, so many stories of life and art of Wilson – creation and withdrawal, beach boys; Mythology “pet sound”; inseparable vines from genius and mental illness; The missing years he spent in recovery with Charlatan shrink.

Eugene Landy has often been repeated so that they are now part of our cultural knowledge.

Brian Wilson: The long road is promised,” Directed by Brent Wilson (no relationship), took the form of another classic structural overview of the Brian Wilson’s career.

Only this can make the cuts back and forth between the story of Wilson and children on the beach and “Carpool karaoke” – Style conversations between Brian, still Hale, and depends there with a tentative, blunt, with anxiety, with sincerely bagged to experience -day. And Jason is acceptable, an editor in Rolling Stone magazine.

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They met Wilson during his features in mid-’90. Both began to get along and become friends, and on the “road promised” they sailed around L.A., spoke and listened to Brian music and stopped in the main places: Paradise Cove, “Surfin ‘Safari”; Wilson’s childhood home site, which is now destroyed in Hawthorne.

The houses he lived in during the 60s and 70s; The house of his brother Carl; And Beverly Glen Deli, where two chats on the Cobb salad and ice cream sundae.

Brian Wilson did more than writing large pop music. He changed pop songs into praise songs, surging breath, delicongsel fine, and jautty from the sound of sweet-soul mixed with the underlying sadness so that the divine that, like Bruce Springsteen in the film “PET sound,” the beauty of carrying Feeling. Fun even in life pain. Joy from emotional life. “

Maybe we might not need another documentary about Brian Wilson. Still, even if you think you know it all, “the promised way” is a lovely and satisfying film.

The sentimental sometimes but often stirred insight, a collection of testimonials for Wilson art. By authoritative fans such as Springsteen and Elton John, and a film that allows the quality to enchant Wilson’s cascade music over you.

As for Brian himself, he seems to be in a pretty good condition for a man who pushed 80:

He still hears voices, but the truth is he doesn’t say much about anything. Jason was fine asking him whether it was strange to write all the songs about surfing even though he didn’t surf myself – the facts about Brian. His response? “Yes, Dennis surfs. I never learned how to surf.”

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Okay, thank you for sharing! When I was fine asking him what he now thinks about the mid-explosion “smile” and why he felt like he had to get rid of him, Brian said, “We thought it was a little earlier. We waited, like, 30 years old. And we finally finished it .

“And it’s running. Brian Wilson, apart from his skinny skin-wrapping-mollusk-mollusk from the shocked hypersensitivity, it doesn’t seem to have a boost towards introspection.

But when the film continues, you feel like you somewhat know him. Jason Fine is an easy friend who asks about things, the field of one sentence Brian, never pushes too hard, absorbs the mind and feeling Brian with sympathetic understanding, and talking music with him.

He brought Brian out – at least as possible. And objects about Brian are that even when he doesn’t reveal a lot, there’s something full of conditions and gentle about him. He said enough to make you in harmony with his heart.

In the clip, we see beach boys, and there are some great ones:

When we watched Brian sing, try to play a part of the great happy pop star. Alongside with his two brothers and friends Al Jardine and Mike Love. The truth is that there is something about him, and always there.

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Even though it took a few decades for him to be diagnosed with schizoaffective disorders. He hears voices on his head (and still). The aggressive and judgmental voices, and an old recording. He looked like someone who heard a voice.