Wonder Woman 1984 Review: A sequel that lacks a lot of places

Three years ago, director Jenkins (Jenkins) and actor Gadot (Gadot) created a charming “Wonder Woman” (Wonder Woman). She moved as much as the bad guys.

Although Diana Prince is beautiful, she is also vulnerable, loved, and lost. In addition to bringing the “Soviet Union,” the reason. Forgoing to 1984 did not have the freshness of the source. Unfortunately, it did not weigh a successful sequel.

When WW84 encountered a long opening scene:

The director and the top leader were the same. In that scene, Diana was still a girl, returning to the Amazon River again (again for no good reason), and then she underwent some general rescues during her years as a “Wonder Woman” (Wonder Woman).

It’s the 80s. When Gadot swings, swims, slips, and becomes nervous in battle, throwing bad guys with a lasso, it is still lovely to see. However, this story took a long time to find a battle worth fighting.

They spent the first batch of hit songs and precious screening time with 2% of amateurs. As we all know, the rhythm of these movies is the same. But these scenes are all about a clumsy young man. Whose new skills are on a test.

Diane de Gadot (Diane de Gadot) is a beautiful, mature, and self-confident woman. Whether she walks into unparalleled tailor-made costumes or “Wonder Woman” costumes, she dominates her entry in every scene.

In fact, “Supergirl 1984” followed the image of Gadot in many aspects. Repeatedly emphasizing the same thing, and even placed slides in the form of “Doctor.” Barbara Minerva (Wiig) is on it.

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Both are experts in different fields in the same Smithsonian Museum.

When Diana is standing next to Barbara in high heels and a dress with brown hair, big glasses, and a frayed skirt, you must Will compare with her and feel sorry.

Choose a franchise that prides itself on being the world’s first superwoman. The first skill Barbara must master is to work and walk like Diana, even if her work involves time spent observing artifacts through a microscope.

It is even more challenging to convey your main message: be careful what you want. This dilemma arises when the curiosity to satisfy people’s needs enters the Smithsonian Institution. In the end, it fell into the hands of Max Lord (Pascal), an unfortunate businessman and TV personality with gorgeous hair who used it for the wrong purpose.

It’s ridiculous to mention it, and because Pascal lacks the charm of making this movie, what the Lord chooses is meaningless. From an Egyptian oil tycoon and a private army allied with Saudi Arabia to a missionary with a television business and the White House, God just jumped from one idea to another. The jumping is almost as messy as “Supergirl”.

In short, this movie is correct?

When Diana wanted her pilot friend to return to the world out of curiosity. Her friend died shortly after World War I. For some reason, Steve returned with a strange body but was later portrayed. As the lower jaw and only then as the lower jaw (provided that Diana saw him in this way).

Pine and Gadot get along well in the first “Wonder Woman” (Wonder Woman). And if Jenkins lets them go, the spark will still be there. However, there is still a world to be saved.

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When Diana is faced with a difficult task, don’t think twice. About the consequences of Steve’s resurrection from the dead, which is a bit confusing. The role of Barbara, Steve’s return to Diana’s new life. Only undermines the purpose of the film, especially when Diana Gadot is good at fighting. Jenkins showed her the skills she showed in the last film.

Wonder Woman moved Diana a little bit. A fierce and exciting battle. One of the exciting disputes between Diana and Barbara took place outside the President of the United States office. When an idea comes up, it is not two people. Who decides the most powerful person in the world in the White House, but a helpless person.