Mohan Kumar Fans Movie Review: In its examination of how the marvelousness world disposes of craftsmen

For decades, the story of the film industry has attracted fans from all over the world. Obviously, in the Internet field, audiences cannot get enough epic star battles and behind-the-scenes dramas. Must flesh out any script in Tinseltown. With impressive shoes because of a lot.

Can you reconcile the creativity of The Artist (French / 2011) or the great sadness:

The story of the arrogant superstar’s painful transition from silent film to a walkie-talkie and its consequences. Can you achieve a subtle combination of lightness and shock and make a sensation in Hollywood in the 2016 global blockbuster “La La Land” with a young woman struggling to enter the threshold?

Do you have the courage of Mahanati (Telugu / 2018) to pay attention to mistakes? The legend is real life who betrayed a colleague? Do you have anything to say? Mohan Kumar fans initially thought the answer was yes.

The protagonist of the same name (Siddiq). A celebrity who later “swept away. By the flood flooded by the arrival of Muhammer and Mamoti”. The young man first explained to the old man.

This description is an instant trap. The story begins with the return of Mohan Kumar thirty years before the light. When commercial factors played an essential role in his destiny, his new album performed well at the box office.

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The name of rookie Anarkali Nazar is announced. With great fanfare at the opera festival. Still, she is Sreekutty, and her role depends on the relationship with the man. Mohan’s daughter, Mohan is Krishnanunni’s singing partner. And (spoiler) Krupesh is interested in Object. ) Any promise contained in the plot of the movie.

The story is dark, and there is no idea:

It’s confusing because Bobby and Sanjay belong to the characters who create a new wave. Jees Joy, who wrote scripts and dialogues and coached Mohan Kumar fans, also had good results.

His latest movie, “Vijay Superum Pournamiyum,” is an unusual movie. Mohan Kumar fans explored how to push the charm. To the world when the charm is gone. And Mohan Kumar fans have no new ideas. The general theme of the story is trivial and uninteresting.

The reason why his comeback movie was discontinued prematurely. It tells us a thing or two about the way his industry works. Still, the ensuing twists and turns have nothing to do with his career-including Mohan.

Unable to check the Internet in time to catch important events, delays in delivery of express mail, and loss of items due to negligence.

If it wants to make fun of violence. In the movie, when the man said that he brutally beat his wife. The scene became weird due to the audience’s expressions and background music tone.

Domestic violence, including marital r*pe but later personal violence against Mohan Kumar fans, is not common in Mollywood.

Prakash beat a young man in the presence of several people, just like worrying that the perpetrator should be a good person, but also because he did not exaggerate his actions, and the victim himself was not angry. The depiction of violence here is so random that there is no doubt that people will be aware of caste and class differences.

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One-dimensional representation.

Vinay Forrt is so interested in Premam and so good in Kismath and Tamaash. Becoming a victim of immature writing. Siddiq is good at playing the protagonist. While Kunchako’s personality charm is usually even strengthened.

At the opening ceremony of Krishnan Nonni, he (a Hindu) formed a church choir. The script used this as an opportunity to convey a message about human nature, not religion, to the Christian pastor.

When the announcer says that winning won’t help, fans will try to take a class. However, when the actual image of the prize-winning Malayalam actor passed away with the wind, Jees Joy lacked a commitment to this position. This is not the worst development in Moriwood in recent years. This distinction belongs to the Ndjana Samvidhanas Cheyum Balachandra Menon. Fans of Mohan Kumar are not worthy of humiliation. Its word is usual.