Krishna Talkies Movie Review: A thriller plot with a horror twist

The film revolves around one-screen theatre and triskaidekaphobia. Thirteen, the most dreaded number, is a series of death threats, deaths, and incidents in the Krishna Sermons film. It’s also an exciting secret for movie lovers with balcony ticket number 13.

Many questions will come to your mind when you watch the film.

What is murder? If so, who is the killer? Or is there a paranormal element? Journalist Ajay, who visits his hometown of Mudigere, sets out to find the culprit who caused the death of his friend Suri (Chikanna) and the reason for the disappearance of Parimala (Sindhu Loknat).

He sought all possible assistance from the local police. The strange appearance of death and the mystery surrounding the number 13 have led to many investigations. How Ajay tries to uncover the truth and what his destiny will decide is the story’s heart. Krishna Toki is filled with all kinds of mystery, thriller, and terrifying drama filled with suspense. Director Vijay Anand, who has several roles for the film. It is credited with the story, script, dialogue, lyrics. To some extent, managed to fulfil his title.

Although the film starts slowly, a sense of horror on one side captivates the audience while their investigative spirit runs parallel. The film’s construction is not without flaws, but Ajay Rao keeps the plot intriguing all the time. It takes us through several cases. The climaxes is built with certain supernatural elements that make it believable. Even though the investigation doesn’t investigate, it tracks the case from multiple angles keeping the audience on the sidelines of the scene.

The film, which moves mainly with dialogue-driven scenes:

As Apurva plays the corner of love, he is also the starting point of the whole investigation. This suitable ensemble also comprises Sindhu Loknath, Chikana and Pramod Shetty, among others in memorable roles. Ajay Rao is an exciting film and one of the reasons you took part in the talk about Krishna.

Krishna Talkies is a horror-thriller film. Which sets in the heart of Karnataka. As the title suggests, this film has a cinema background. This film takes a long and winding road to untangle this story with a few extra, unnecessary elements. However, the film has several exciting elements that stand out.

The film starts at a slightly slower pace, with unwanted tunes thrown at the start. In the middle of the first half, the film picks up speed and ends with an exciting interval rotation. The second half had some good turns, although there were unnecessary romantic figures that broke the pace. In the end, the film managed to get an excellent one-off rendition with a few predictable twists and a few unpredictable twists and turns.

There are some moments in the film that don’t make sense. For example, the protagonist, who is depicted as almost absent in the opening scene. Suddenly turns into an intelligent investigator better than the cop he works for. What works for the story, however, is the background score that enhances the thriller element.

The main actor Krishna Ajay Rao is doing an excellent job with most of the story flowing with himself. The two main actresses have minimal duties. Comedians and criminals do their job. Overall, Krishna Talkies makes a decent watch, although some fundamental issues need to be ignored.