The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 Review: More suspense, more action and punches of drama, the episode do creates a sensation among viewers

It looks like the flash will focus on the episode driven by characters. Instead of being driven plots, for the future. After getting Cisco’s work. Chester was immediately testings when a gold mask owned.

Cecile on the Flash Season 7 Episode 13. And Cecile was forced to face his past. Its complicated something he tried to forget. Cecile and Chester are the focal points of “Masquerade,” and the clock message is simple. It’s all in the title.

The authors used the mask motif to go home.

Cecile literally and figuratively wearing a mask during the episode. We learned that he had previously treats at a mental hospital. After he suffered details in the reaction to his mother’s death. This is something he hid from them closest to him. And tried to hide from himself since he stepped out of the hospital.

This is a heartbreaking disclosure, to say the least. Mainly because Cecile is one of the most innovative and most positive characters at the event. But it shows you that even the people you don’t expect at least have demons.

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Cecile is a character that is often ignored on the show. So it’s good to see it get more screen time and to find out more about his past.

The storyline about Cecile became ashamed of his mental health struggle. Even though he did not need to be shy, making him more relatable. It must have strengthened its place throughout our hearts. This reveals strengthens not only its character but also its relationship with those closest to him.

Plus, we will never say any intense scene between Joe and Cecile. Because they might be the most underrated couple on the show. I mean, is there someone else who keeps forgetting they have girls?

But as good for seeing the Cecile brought to the spotlight:

Are you also disappointed that we didn’t see Pirate Psycho? We think that Roger Hayden will refer to our screen but, instead, the golden mask is a criminal here. That covers the wound instead of healing them very effectively. However, it would be nice to see real people behind the mask.

As far as we know, the psycho pirate mask has served its purpose in this show. And it won’t run back shortly. If that’s the problem, then “Masquerade” seems to be an installment useless to Flash Season 7.

The sentiment is in this episode, but it is difficult to ignore. That this individual story does not seem to contribute. To new graphic novels.

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Since the end of the troop storyline, aka number three graphic novels. There is no long threat to the flash team. So, at this time, the event felt as if stopped it.

The episode driven by this character is a filler and through. And we hold our breath until the actual story of half of The Flash Season 7 is introduced. And if a preview for Flash Season 7 Episode 14 is any indication, it looks like it won’t happen shortly. It makes you wonder if they will have time to tell the story they want to tell.

Cecile is not the only person who has their time in the sun during this hour:

Chester’s security about “replacing” Cisco is also highlighted. I am a big advocate for Chester to be a mainstay on the flash team. So I am happy to see him fighting with the job. If you don’t make occasional mistakes, then are you an employee at S.T.A.R. Lab?

He still studied the ins and outs of the job. And tried to find out his place among other team members. Therefore, it’s indirect because the gold mistake can easily fool him.

Chester is a beginner, and that is why he is targeted. It could happen to anyone and warm the heart. To see Iris and Barry reaffirming this idea to make Chester feel better.

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Chester is a pleasant addition to the team. And he has proven he can hold himself in the scene with the main character. But Chester didn’t know the rest was quite good but was comfortable in his position. He is not Cisco, also will never be Cisco.