The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It review: A terrifying journey a series of thrills and chills

Suntour gave rise to the franchise Annabelle. Then, magic 2 saw a series of entries into full MCU mode, including some different baddies intended for future spinoffs (although we only have nuns). We even had a surprise to juggle the film Universe in La Llorona’s curse, thanks to an unexpected crossover character.

It’s easy to forget that the basis of this series:

It is in the real-life experience of ED demonologists and Lorraine Warren. The third film in the ‘main’ series, magic: the Devil made me do it. However, brought it back to the base – and it proved to be a frightening fresh direction.

Go (mostly) is nodding for previous films and settings for the upcoming ones, with films only focusing on the Warrens career’s darkest case: Arne Cheyenne Johnson trial.

Back in 1981, Johnson killed his landlord, and when he arrived at the trial, he claimed the ownership of the Devil as a defense for his actions. Believed that the Devil came from the previous Devil David Glatzel, a younger brother of Johnson Debbie’s girlfriend, where he and the residents were present.


The devil makes me open an intense opening that will scare you whether you believe in demons or not. It was centered on the expulsion of David Glatzel’s demons. It saw the Director of Michael Chaves without shyly leaning into the repellent of the demon until the priest’s arrival, and it would satisfy any horror fan.

With some impressive practical effects, this is the beginning and panting instructions so that this was not an ordinary magic film when the Warrens did not work.

The effect of the failure saw Johnson (played by Ruairi O’Connor) was disturbed. By the same Devil who survived in David Glatzel. Finally leading to Johnson fatally stabbing the landlord.

There is here when the Warrens will be involved again (both in real life and in the film):

But Conjuring: Devils make me do it not to be a courtroom drama. In real life, the defense was removed quite quickly. Which did not leave many films. Chaves and Writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick Instead of changing the film. To CSI: Magic, when the Warrens investigated Johnson’s ownership, who appeared.

As in previous magic films, the plot regulated fear and aroused the relationship between Ed and Lorraine Warren. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were great, not surprisingly.

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And it was fun that the third film saw Farmiga take a more central role. As Farmiga said if it’s not a “love story”. There are still some sweet moments between the two who add to the final emotions.

What’s impressive is that we know both will be fine, but their committed shows mean we are always nervous. Chaves put them in some pieces made brilliantly.

Including the order of unforgettable corpses. Which tested the partner with their limits, and they never failed. Horror shows are not well known, and Wilson and Farmiga deserve to get every compliment.

While their investigation of most fiction did show some interesting insights:

On how Warrens began working more with the police about such cases. It brings a new corner to the series because we don’t see the war session investigating haunting houses. Chaves also added to the moment of fun that we unusual to see in this series.

Chaves is a fan of horror, too, and does not forget to make the fear coming at regular speed. Even when Lorraine Warren is busy becoming a paranormal detective. There are nods for some classic horror, and instead of feeling like a rip-off. They feel like loving respect and add level to the set pieces that will make you peek into every shadow.

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If you are critical, you might also take Umbrage with films. Using real-life murder cases as a jumping point for fiction horror stories. Which have no nuances in terms of what happens to Johnson.

Like the others in the series, this film treats demons. As very real because the war session of viewing it and the magic series is their story.

It was impossible to disturb the series fans even though that was what they expected. Even though his magic: the Devil made me do it still brought them something new too. You may not believe that Conjuring: Devils make it do it, but you will be afraid.