From a long time line of Chinese cinematic efforts to tell stories of legendary martial arts grandmasters; Men who will practice training Bruce Lee. This latest story, directed by Li Liming, Dennis star as IP Man, repeated various other films from the past.

It is impossible to not compare the movie:

A very thrilling, very successful franchise of the IP Man Wilson Yip, starring Donnie Yen in the titular role. But unfortunately, IP Man: Kung Fu Master is not the IP Man. Like many people, it is a lousy imitation trying to take advantage of the popularity of others. This film is Cheesy, Cliché and doesn’t have a solid reason to watch. The story is almost non-existent. And the character is better labelled as a caricature.

Even if you are only in it for Kung Fu, there isn’t much love about this feature. The battle scene mostly felt sluggish, some of the blessings only some silly decisions. Such as large bruises appeared in people instantly after being hit.

For maybe a film saving grace. Although not as strong as the portrait of Donnie Yen, he can still make his role and bring some gravity and attendance that is very much needed. In comparison, the remaining lines played until the camera like everything.

IP MAN: Kung Fu Master just skipped the sign.

And while it might seem a bit unfair to compare it with one of the most successful Kung Fu film franchises in the past few decades, it sued him by taking the coat. Those who are looking for pictures of modern Kung Fu must stick to the Wilson Yip franchise.

This happened after IP Man had arrived to arrest him because of the other significant crime suspicions. After the IP of the human being had to fight through the opponent’s waves. To climb the stairs after the stairs and beat them all well. Then he witnessed the murder. Where criminals were satisfied to surrender him. Into the police custody, convinced that he would only spend a short time in detention. Because he already had Superior IP Man officers and the consequences of others in Foshan.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan.

IP Man was responsible for the death of a man. Even though he had really nothing to do with the film and the balance of the film. It took the Human IP Heroic Course because he continued to defend himself. From official corruption, he attacks criminals from his compatriots. To build their superiority of everything good and China.

Amid the spirit of potentially strong nationalism, the general needs of the community underestimated the strong response of the destined and authentic leadership offered by IP Man, who also occasionally tried to please his wife and family growing. There are a lot many things in IP MAN: Kung Fu Master that I don’t fully understand, remembering my ignorance of this historical period in Chinese history, not to mention my ignorance of Chinese history recently.

Further recognition: I have a big fan of the IP man Donnie Yen’s film recently, that I have not regarded the IP Man film’s consent, which began in 2010 with a legend of birth – IP MAN under the direction of Herman Yau. (Read more about it in the review by our own James Marsh and Blu-ray reviews by our own Hurtado.) The film that functions as a prequel from another IP Man movie started with a younger IP man.

I am not sure what happened in the following years. But Dennis has returned to describe Ip Man, who becomes a cop in Foshan for 24 years. This film seems to be Fudge Historical details, even though I am certainly not an expert. However, what is the action?