“Hostile Witness” Review: Can still offer a satisfying finale to a very pleasant summer

I started watching the summer Kruel Free Free Whim when it first started on April 20, 2021. I wasn’t so sure why I did it. I don’t think I have anything else to watch that day.

However, a few seconds to the prime, I knew I would look back to watch the thriller/mystery every week. The young players were impressive. And I like how the authors walked up and down with three timelines to tell nonlinear.

Events in cruel summer occur for three years:

With narratives continue to shift through the timeline to share how certain narrative decisions affect each other. Our primary tin Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) and Kate Wallis (Olivia Holt) in 1993 with Kate became a popular girl at school.

Jeanette always dreamed of being considered. And he got a chance when Kate was kidnapped. However, the popularity of Newfound Jeanette came. He is destroyed when Kate escaped. From her kidnapper in 1994 and Jeanette’s name. As someone who knew where Kate was being saved.

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With both of them stick to their truth version in 1995, ‘hostile witness‘ made young girls facing each other in court. I liked when Jeanette’s lawyer issued a copy of Kate’s chat log.

Where he claimed to be lying. About what happened between him. And his kidnapping Martin Harris (Blake Lee from Christmas Setup). But he still insisted on Jeanette knowing. His whereabouts and kept him a secret to be popular at school.

While I hope for more scenes in the courtroom, I think Kate and Jeanette talking everything personally makes more sense. The type of conversation they have at Martin’s house is something they cannot do in front of the judge.

Hostile witness‘ finally gave us many answers. We found about Anabelle’s true identity and how Kate could escape from Martin. We also have to know about the role of Mallory in making Kate think it’s Jeanette he saw a particular one night.

Again, I still think there are several plot holes:

The authors did try jumping over it. But young casts were so great with material. I found myself willing to let him slide. The critical thing is Kate and Jeanette discuss the problems between them and the truth. Or are they?

I did see specific tweets about how the moment of closing in the final did not make sense. However, I want to defend the creative team behind a cruel summer.

Throughout the first 10 episode season, the authors explained that Jeanette was all about climbing the social ladder. He shaded from the start. Didn’t you pay attention to how his clothes during the appearance of Talk Show resembled what Kate said?

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He was also very fast forgiving Jamie (for Gutierrez) after he punched his face. So, in my opinion, the end is reasonable. What Jeanette continues is a character for him. In his mind, he was still innocent because technically, he had never done what Kate said.

Keeping Jeanette to the other side, another thing I appreciate about the cruel summer is how the authors handle the concept of care when it reaches what Martin does with Kate. Martin was a predator, and he chose Kate because of his vulnerability he detected him. Martin offered him a feeling of freedom. Seeing it slowly gaining Kate’s trust was very uncomfortable because of me. As a viewer, I already knew what he would do to him.

‘Hostile witness’ also delivered on many strange representations.

While Vince as (Allius Barnes) and Ben as (Nathaniel Ashton) prove to be a partner. Who faced the problem of relationships because of what happened. Between Jeanette and Kate Kate and Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith) were also strange.

Between Kate and Mallory during the scene at Rink Roller, I mentioned it to pay attention to things through my “shipping” glasses lens. But, nopes. What I see is real. Kate and Mallory did kissed each other in the final, and what do you know?

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I am here for that. Yes, Mallory did for Kate was not the best step, but we must remember this young teenager. Of course, they will mess up. The critical thing to note is that both are still friends (and can be more than just moving forward).