Jagame Thandhiram Movie Review: A local gangster was employed by a Gangster London as a ‘Dhadha consultant’ to reduce his rival

Karthik Subbaraj Jagame Thandhiram appeared as a film that was very ambitious about immigrant politics. Unfortunately, regardless of the promising premise.

What eventually happened was a gangster drama configured about local gone. Suruli from Madurai, playing easily by Dhanush.

This film introduces us to three main characters:

Jagame Thandiram was open in London, where the local gang. Led by a man named Peter, was killed by a rival gang member.

Led by Sivadoss, an immigrant from Sri Lanka who gradually strengthened his grip in the city. Peter employed Suruli (who received a stretch of gallery recognition in Madurai) to help him take care of Sivadoss.

Peter (James Cosmo, who succeeded in freeing himself. Better than most foreign actors in Indian films), a cruel gangster in London; Sivadoss (Joju George, a solid presence), Peter’s rival; And Suruli (Dhanush), a small gangster in Madurai.

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Xenophobic Peter, who tried to get controversial immigration laws passed with muscle strength. It decided to hire Suruli.

Who is always open for a few dollars fast to take Sivadoss. Who is secretive – and the crew of immigrants handles his sacrifice. Even when Suruli began to move against Sivadoss, but began to question the ethics of his actions.

When Atlia (Aishwarya Lekshmi, tried it the best in the role that offered its small scope). The Tamil Sri Lankan woman he had mashed told him what Sivadoss meant to the immigrant community.

The initial part of Jagame Thande Thandiram, showing intelligent suruli using roads to track Sivadoss, is the most exciting bits. Unique tones make this scene enjoyable. And Dhanush has a ball-playing gangster-like Maari with a devil-care attitude.

References of pop-culture, such as Suruli and Vicky (SHARATATH RAVI). The London-based software employees. Who acted as a translator between Gangsters, debating Delhi Character Ganesh in Cutting. Many nods to Rajinikanth and film (signature (signature) maker This film), and Yesteryear songs, are pretty funny.

Karthik Subbaraj sets the equation between Peter and Suruli effectively.

When introduced, we saw them killing someone, but more than murder. They seemed to get their pleasure in wise solving. Complaining about their clothes being destroyed by blood.

Like Peter, who doesn’t want immigrants to take over his country. Suruli doesn’t want ‘Saettu’ running a jewelry store on the land ‘. So, we know that Suruli will see the error of how it is at some point. But in showing us how the director is disappointing.

One reason for this is that Sivados is not a clogging character. We saw it from a suruli perspective during the first semester, and then.

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But wrote the character in a broad stroke that he did not appear as someone unique. The rest of the character, including Atila, is very functional. Actors such as the Palanganyan, Sanchana Natarajan, and Vadivukchakasi are quite vain in a small role.

In the second half, the tone changed, and it felt like we had fallen into a different universe. We even got a flashback of Shankar style! Karthik Subbaraj uses the struggle of EEAM TAMILS to increase depth. But somehow, the effort does not make the moving scene. We get many lines talking about immigrants and their fate.

What does the transfer to people, how richer US countries and the United Kingdom has a reason to keep? The war in smaller countries, and how are their opposing brands Their ideology as a terrorist? , But they feel it’s not in place in a movie that repeatedly chooses Coolth above gravity.

For almost three hours, this film is the task of sitting.

Jagame Thandiram never considered himself severe. But wanted to discuss some urgent problems. Such as the state of immigrants, especially Tamil Sri Lanka. Who struggled to be accepted in England.

This is a noble idea, but what’s the point of having a good idea. When a movie can’t get you investing most of the time running.

Even though Dhanush’s earnest efforts, Suruli is not someone you can root for easily. He seems to be primarily selfish. And what is needed to turn it into a more charming character? It is one story about Tamil in Sri Lanka. Karthik subbaraj tried to draw Kabali with Dhanush, but he was disappointed at a great time.

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Casting is also one reason why the film doesn’t work. Most foreign actors feel entirely lost. James Cosmo gets some decent scenes, and he is another classic movie stand-out player besides Dhanush. Joju George is very pure as Sivadoss and hardly has an impact. Editing film plays spoilsport; It was chopped and sewn together somehow. Some scenes did not make sense.