Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku Review: This should be a ‘biopic’ that makes you evaporate

In addition, this film does not even bother with the basics such as coherent scenarios and continuity.

“Biopics are not intended to be done on the lives of political leaders and movie stars. Ordinary people like you and I can have it. The life of everyone will become a biopics if there is a director,” said a character in Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku as he began to tell the trip protagonist.

This line gives us to understand that Ramaswamy is not a celebrity or personality that inspires, but the character of fiction. The film is only because of the manufacturer (Rama Krishna Veereni, Satish Kumar). Found a director (Ram Narayan) to facilitate this obsolete story disguised as biopics.

Altaf Haasan Ramaswamy is an ambitious and ambitious man who aspires to rise above his challenge and write his fate. He has two goals in his life – the first is to obey monogamy like the god of his favourite, and the second is to regulate the Saree business.

Destiny, of course, has another plan, and he finally married three women – Jayaprada (Shanthi Rao), Jayasudha (Lavanya Reddy) and Siri (Satvika Jai).

Difficulties began to brew between the three women, and Ramaswamy barely managed to prevent them from fighting each other, but he filled their ‘needs’, being the ‘perfect husband’.

When everything turned out ugly with Jayaprada and Siri struggling in the open, realization suddenly hit Ramasamy, and he decided to demand respect as family heads. The director continued to make complicated things by throwing a twist that made Ramaswamy a Corpse! What happened after it formed the remaining Battala Ramaswamy my biopics.

This ordinary biopic person has no fundamental logic:

It has an extraordinary dose of cliche stereotypical characters. This film managed to tickle our funny bones at any time. But obsolete execution destroyed what was built by the comedy.

Even the film’s biggest twist hardly made us surprised, and along with the runtime. Someone couldn’t stop wondering if the film was made for the 1980s.

In addition, films do not bother with the basics such as coherent scenarios and continuity. When the story is not a novel, and the players are newcomers. This is a rooted emotion and the scenario that saves the day for simple small films. But here, everything falls flat.

This plot mainly focuses on Ramaswamy and his trials with three wives. But every time they start fighting, it makes us remove our hair more than Ramaswamy. The protagonist’s excess sequence and his sidekick were tortured by the ‘Telugu’ wife, who was sick and left us yawning.

Altaf Haasan sneaks into his role easily, and his acting is one of the few things that make us invest. With the right comic time and good performance, he was very convincing. Three women lead, on the other hand, reduced to mere arms. Bhadram has the moment in the film and tries to brighten the space he gets. The secret of other savings is the beautiful cinematographer cinematographic frame. And also the Ram Narayan’s background score.

With a pandemic and locking it hurts us, Battala Ramaswamy, my biopics, only add more pain during the runtime. At least in the case of Covid-19, the vaccine gave some hope in the end. However, for this film, there is no help.