Sailor Moon Eternal Review: It’ll give rise to new moonies and bring existing ones together

Sailor Moon is my anime gateway like a magical girl series is for many millenniums. And, over the past few years, we have seen this series meet new hearings with a new manga edition of Kodansha and Sailor Moon Crystal told the story we all know and love, but minus fillers.

Simply put, magic girls everywhere have developed. So, when Netflix announces that it will release enough new guardian viewers.

Suppose you are not familiar with the film.

In that case, Sailor Moon Eggy is based on the arc of the dream of Sailor Moon Manga. Naoko Takeuchi serves as a direct continuation and “the fourth season” for Sailor Moon Crystal. Chiaki Kon directed the film, which Kazuyuki Fudeyasu wrote.

And Chief supervised by Mangaka Iconic himself, Naoko Takeuchi. This is currently available in Japanese and English animated production originating from Toei’s animation and Studio Deen.

But to establish the scope of this film. You need to understand that while Sailor Moon is one of the best-known franchises of all time. And gateway for many in the United States. Sailor Moon Eternal is the first film in the franchise to release in 26 years.

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In Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1, Tokyo was in a lively atmosphere for celebrating the most significant. The total solar eclipse of the century, and Mamoru and Usagi went to see Chibi-USA returning to his timeline.

However, when the new month blurs the sun and gradually dims the light, Usagi and Chibi-USA Pegasus. It look for the chosen girl who can break the golden crystal seal and save the world.

Meanwhile, in the typical Sailor Moon mode, a mysterious and fashionable group called Moon Circus.

The dead has appeared in the city with an evil plan to spread the incarnation of nightmares. By doing this, they intend to seize ‘legendary silver crystals’ protected by sailor moon and sailor sailors. With a plan to rule the moon and the earth and finally dominating the entire universe.

Part 1 is very phenomenal from the beginning to the end.

It touches every iconic element that the Bow Circus Moon Dead is known, and the animation is fantastic. But most importantly. The way each server sailor is represented exactly why Sailor Moon is significant.

Each girl is faced with what they say they want, their fear. And learn that they can encourage the past hope that the world sets them and does what drives them.

As a young girl who watched Sailor Moon understood that my identity. IT did not need to be following the gender stereotype of femininity was important.

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In Sailor Moon Abadi, pushed the point home because we watched girls. Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Mina, learn more about who they were.

When we turn to part 2, we can see the outside sailor who guardians, including the opening that places the relationship between Haruka and Michiru in front and center in the best way. The first half of Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2 is about connecting seafarers outside with all groups.

Now, it is essential to show that while Sailor Moon Abadi will end up being a gate for more months, those who have not witnessed Sailor Moon Crystal or reading manga might end up a little lost.

This is mainly because part 2, which took after season 3 of the anime series after Hotaru – Sailor Saturn – sacrificed himself to save the world.

But, Hotaru reincarnated as a baby, and the servant of the outer sailor decided to leave the group and raise him calmly, outside the city.

Once we pass the first action, part 2, the story pushes forward quickly.

It gives moments, styles, lessons, and ultimate homes that make Sailor Moon icons in the first place. But diving here explores too far to the spoiler area. That said, Sailor Moon Eternal is an event.

And I hope it can be watched as a double feature in the cinema. For fans of franchising, this is the story we know. And loved with small elements, varies.

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Mangaka Takeuchi guides the decision in this adaptation. Ensuring it follows the runtime while also ensuring the thematic element of the Batu Dead Circus Arc shines. Even if the final action part 2 feels too accelerated to be appreciated.