Another Round Review: Turning down movie series soon to be launched in English Language

In Thomas Winterberg’s Another Round, the crisis of men. In the Middle Ages is seen through the prism of an empty bottle of alcohol. This exciting and resonant tragic drama from the Danish director revolves around a fundamental theory of the positive effects of alcohol use on the mind and spirit and its influence on four friends who face middle age and are irrelevant.

This well-executed film is titled by Mads Mickelsen:

Who is just as dazzling as Martin. Martin is a history teacher at a school where his friends also work. He knew he lost his mojo. I am bored? He asked his wife.

Surrounded by examples from dissatisfied people. Of the unrestrained and vivacious youth, they left not long ago. A string of tough coupons supported the second round of Oscar nominations. They led man to accept the dubious hypothesis that people could handle two drinks a day – consumed during the day. Others have drawn ambiguous conclusions about the idea that it can revitalize self-esteem and vitality with regular blinks.

The Sturla Brandth Grovlen handheld camera offers an edge to the increasingly risky adventures of men. Initially, they got it smoothly. Football coach Tommy (Thomas Bo Larsen) regains his senses and encourages terrified boys to gain confidence. Psychology teacher Nikolai (Magnus Milang) and music coach Peter (Lars Rate) are more motivated than ever. Are you an alcoholic? Of course not, they told themselves, those in control. Doesn’t Ernest Hemingway’s alcohol fuel produce brilliant prose?

The study of men’s fears includes a sympathetic portrait of the only significant female figure, the wife of Martin Anika (Maria Bonevier). The scenario by Thomas Winterberg and Tobias Lindholm overcomes the potentially toxic effects of frequent absorption. On the other hand. Another round of trying to find a middle ground. Between a risky bid and its implementation in the real world.

Despite her empathy and compassion for fragile and similar men:

Winterberg admits her deception and the possibility that they are on the brink of collapse. For at least one friend, the theory of alcohol as a panacea didn’t go according to plan. The bottle triggers more than just a desire to satisfy the mind – it releases forces beyond its control. The solution: another round.

A Danish comedy about a group of teachers trying to survive a semester. Under the influence of alcohol. He is being prepared to remade in English.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the lead role in the original film by Mads Mickelsen. The other half won the Oscar for Best International Game on Sunday night after winning in the same category from Baftas for three weeks.

The director or screenwriter of the remake has not been confirmed; Winterberg said he would not attend, despite having previously made films in English. Including “Far from the Crazy Crowd,” starring Carrie Mulligan.

“Right now it’s in the hands of the best actor you can get and not only is he a brilliant actor. But he’s made lots of smart choices. Over the course of his career,” said Winterberg. “I think the choice he made was one of great integrity. I am full of hope and curiosity about what you are doing.”

Recent remakes of the award-winning foreign language film include the French friendly film Intouchables that became The Upside and the Argentine thriller The Secret in their eyes.

A long gesture remake of the German father-son comedy Tony Erdman, initially set up for Jack Nicholson’s retirement, has yet to happen.