Money, Explained Review: Where people in VOX explain what we do with our money and why

The latest series in the VOX media described explained the five-episode guide. For what we did with our money today and why we spend it (or throw it away) by doing it. This episode is narrated by Tiffany Haddish. Bobby Cannavale, Edie Falco, Jane Lynch, and Marcia Gay Harden.

The cover topic like a fast-fast scheme. How the credit card system bank game. How our student debt crisis is made, and our brains. Work while gambling, and a pension history, 401 (k) and other retirement plans, and why the system fails senior.

“Rolling through social media, there are many people who offer secrets to make money quickly,” said Narrator Tiffany Haddish. Because we saw a quick social media post that was rich in animated.

The first episode will get a rich fast scheme, problems originating from centuries.

To make that point, haddies talking about Scam Gregor McGregor’s withdrawal in 1820. Where he promoted land agreement on Poyais Island, collecting millions of pounds for land acts in non-existent countries.

Since then, fraud has evolved, but even things like the scam “Prince Nigeria”. It has been in one form or another because the internet is popular.

This episode describes various types of fraud, including differences between Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. It also explains the difference between the pyramid scheme and a legitimate multi-level marketing company. One of the closer fraud is one coin.

A cr*ptocurrency scam called by various analysts. But people are still investing. They also talked to a fraudulent. Who released a book about. Why the people were scammed. Just before he knew that he lost most of his savings in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

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Our Review About the Money, Explained:

The series described is always informative, even if it tells you many things you know. But what people in VOX media are very proficient in covering a lot of land in episode 22 minutes. By providing historical and contemporary examples in the context. That’s what we can see in the first episode of money, explained.

We witnessed two of the five episodes because we wanted to know about retirement (narrated by Marcia Gay Harden). The episode provides some good statistics about how few of us save enough to retire.

Where experts general amounts say we must be saved to have a comfortable pension is $ 1 million. This gives the history of the pension system carried out by white-collar workers.

And other middle-class workers. Before 401 (k) is made in 1980. Oh, and do you know that created 401 (k) because someone saw a legal gap. And was not even considered a replacement. For a retirement managed company?

That is the type of information that money is explained giving it.

Even if there is only one good news that you don’t know, learn that good news makes it worth the investment of 22 minutes in an episode.

One of the experts quoted the late Magician Ricky Jay, who said he did not want to live in a world without a cheater because it meant no one would believe in anyone. It makes sense for us.

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We appreciate fraud experts. Who admit on the camera that they got scammed. Even though it was the work of their lives to see those things.

Opening using actor (Vincent Piazza) to play various types of scammers. It’s instead departing from what we have seen in the series described, and it seems a little cheap.

Will money explain how to save more money? Not. But it will show you why you can quickly run credit card debt. Or how students’ loans are complicated to shake.