November Story series review: The authors have weave in evil and policy with smoothness into the process

Superhit Malayalam Drishyam has a sensation, tension, and mystery, but that the father’s story will be extreme length to protect his daughter.

November series is new NIGHT Tamil web series . Directed by Indhra Subramanian, reversing this premise. This story is about how Anuradha (Tamannah) tried hard to save his father. The latter was the main suspect in the murder. But it’s not a little justice for narration.

This is kickstarts with how a problem rides Anuradha’s life.

He is an ethical hacker, but there is a problem at work with someone hacking the system. He is a princess, but there is a problem with his father, a famous crime novelist who loses his memory every day.

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He is the homeowner, but there is a problem. With the house he wants to sell, and the buyer is not too interested.

Every step taken by Anuradha is filled with problems. And only then he understands that there is a relationship between them. Did he solve the problem?

Anuradha has many problems in this web series, and we watch it. Serious pacing; It’s ready as a whodunit but takes a sweet time to set characters and like to go on flashbacks. The elements are too much and even blow up slowly into three narrative subplots. The writing is not about the sign, too, and leaves a lot of loose tips. Even lip synchronization dies in several places.

But these problems are compensation thanks to some good shows:

That go beyond the scope of their characterization. Tamannah equalized compelling depiction, despite sending dialogue and dubbing a little sometimes. GM Kumar fits the bill correctly, while Pasupathy is a scene thief; He scored a goal in some crucial sequences.

The November story has seven episodes and devotes too much time to dialogue and minimizes existing cases than actual actions. One police officer even commented, “What’s the use of talking? Let’s go in the field and try cracking this case.” We hope the director has taken it a little more seriously.

Unusual to see women in Tamil cinema playing ethical hackers. More rarely see women’s heroes against the police – here. To prove his father’s innocence who is trapped in swamp crimes. Even less rare that this main character is not forced. Through the slightest similarity of the romantic track. For all these reasons and a few more, November’s story is a positive development in the Tamil OTT room.

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Each episode starts with a black and white/sepia flashback before traveling ahead to where we meet Anuradha Ganesan (Tamnah). The innovative father is affected by Alzheimer’s, Ganesan (GM Kumar). And a group of police officers. The authors had weaved in crime and the police seamlessly into the process that it seemed pretty organic when Anuradha took the system to prove his father’s innocence in a murder case.

However, fan/police officers Ganesan, Sudalai (Aruldoss) seem to create more impact than the protagonist, which is a repeat problem in the November story as Anuradha and a great struggle, Ganesan. There is a little we see about their actual struggle. Yes, the hacking skills of Anuradha are helpful, but it doesn’t help the case of his father.

The true struggle that they had to pass was Alzheimer’s tribulation.

Which was constantly threatening to break the calm of Anuradha. However, with the introduction of Dr. Yuu (Pasupathy), this series gradually became more about him, and at one point, I have entirely forgotten what Anuradha was fought. Even the makers quickly shift focus on Jesu because there are only so many intrigues with hacking, Alzheimer’s, or even ‘novelist crime trapped in a crime scene.

The November story is entirely dependent on you to close your eyes to such comfort. Ganesan landed at his ancestral home on the day of murder occurred. Someone is hacking the police database and guessing who should work with the police to digitize the FIRS? Why, this is Anuradha and Malar (Vivek Prasanna), of course.