Room No 54 Review: The story had nothing new to offer, the same old techniques, punches and humor

All the OTA’s have successfully sent an innovative web series with Indian content. TELUGU OTT companies have also tried their hands but have not succeeded so far. In this context, Zee5 presents young content as a new web series. The highlight of this series is the fame of ‘Pelli Choopulu’ Tharun Bhaskar, who presented it.

The ideology behind the movie:

Media Idream Production, ‘Room No. 54 ‘, Written by Siddharth Goham, featured Krishna Teja, a comedian, and others in the prominent role. Popular actors such as Priyadarshi and Srinu Chitram have also made guest appearances in this 10-part web series.

When the title shows. The story is set at the engineering college. It focuses on a group of students living in hostels. The story begins with new students who choose Room No. 54, and Hostel Warden told Batch 2002 students who had lived in the room.

Each episode tells one incident in the life of Room No. 54 starcast –

  • Babai (Krishna Teja),
  • Venkat Rao (Moin),
  • Prasanna (Pawan Ramesh),
  • Yuvaraj (Krishna Prasad).

There are two other female students – Savatri and Jamuna too.

This is a young drama that is relatively routine about campus life. Filled with jokes and low dialogue. It provides occasional laughs. Krishna Teja. Who appears to be a student and aspires to become a filmmaker, gets the best line. His role quite seems to have inspired by RGV as he planned erotic films and ghost stories.

“Oka Ammayi Mokalla Varaku Cheile Lepithe Adi Boothu … Ade Mottam Kaallu Kanipinchela Mini-skirt Veyiste Erotica” is a line that Krishna Teja recovers is very funny.

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But this series suffers from low-quality production, old narratives, and heavy-dialogue episodes.

Room No. 54 is a new Zee 5 web series recently released on the OTT platform. Siddharth Gowtham and Stars Moin directed the Telugu series. Krishna Prasad, Pawan Ramesh, Krishna Teja, and Navya in the prominent role.

There are 10 episodes in this series, with each room, there is no episode 54, which is 15-20 minutes long. It was prime yesterday, on May 21, 2021, and this is how the audience reacts to it.

The New Telugu Web series rotates around four boys who live in no 54 rooms from a hostel. This story focuses on their lives and gives nostalgic nuances to the audience of college life.

And their dormitory days and deals with subjects that almost everyone faces during their occult times. Such as Canceled Goa plans, late-night learning sessions before the exam, and TIFF with friends.

The debutary actor show also adds a series. When they play their part quickly. Can be aired. As young boarding children.

Since its first yesterday at Zee 5, Netizens brought Twitter to express their opinions about the Telugu series and whether someone had to invest the time in it or not.

While some people call it out and come out funny and nostalgic, others state that jokes are old and the narrative is irregular. Some Twitter users also mention that this type of event has been made before. Which focuses on the life of the Hostel.

Therefore there is nothing new about this series. However, most people mentioned that the mini-series was ‘one watch’ to revive the old days of Hostel.

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Room No. 54 “remotely like” Amrutham “TV series with every episode that focuses on simple funny moments. Some episodes have worked well. Yet most of them are quite made. In a standard format with dull narration. The show is decent, but the quality and content are not the current standard.