Fatma Review: Cleaner lady or a serial killer?

A woman scratched on a table in the interrogation room. Police detectives came and showed his photo of the people killed. And asked him whether he was familiar with them. When the police asked what business he had with them, and he said “cleaning.”

Fatma storyline:

Fatma Yılmaz (Burcu Biricik), a woman who seemed to be shy. Who cleaned the house and office of the person in Istanbul. And was at the end because of her husband Zafer (ferrite rich). They had been hiding after being released from prison. Every time the phone rings, he takes it to think it’s him; Maybe he was on the other hand, but he only heard silence. He went to a restaurant where some of his colleagues hang out, but the owner Ismail (Deniz Hamzaoğlu) warned him, told him that everyone knew Zafer and did not want to see him darken their doors again.

One of the things he needs to do:

When Zafer told him that their son, Oğuz (Mustafa Konak). Who had a particular need died before the end of Zafer’s prison?

He cleared the office of the former boss/leader. Zafer Bayram Karadağ gang (yılmaz AK). Which he thought was Zafer. He was tired of answering his question. About Zafer but said that he owed a large amount of money. Which might be why he was hiding. He warned him that he might not like his response to his question. After he left, he returned to his office and looked at the money and the gun in the open safe.

Fatma went to the villain office, and, when Bayam warned, criminals condemned her out and suggested that she remove her to pay her back. When he threatened and saw Oğuz’s vision in the window, he took out a gun. He slid from Bayam, and shooting tends to die. He didn’t even know what happened. He returned to the payment office the next day; The world had returned him that shot thug, and the police tended to look at him. When he showed him the gun, he was surprised. But he managed to slip the detective past who visited the office. The gun was still in his wallet.

When he was called from the mall cleaning mall. They barely recognized his presence. Followed by someone else to whom Zafer owed money; He and Bayram love the fact that no one suspects a humble cleaning woman like Fatma, and he wants him to kill, and he will get any pieces he gets. Fatma became very angry, so the impulse was getting better.

Our critical analysis of Fatma:

Written by Ozgur Onurme, Fatma must have an interesting idea behind it. What makes ordinary people encouragement will kill, and what happened when the person finally acted on the impulse. Burcu Biricik wore an excellent performance as Fatma. Which we found was such a person. He looked gentle and helpless, walking around Istanbul in his shaped dress and Babushkas, looking like a world tired with his madness. But when he backs on the wall, well, he is a power that must take into account.

The first episode must have shown that a larger community did not exactly do the people he killed, but also clearly, he did not do it in self-defence. Even if blood inside him came out in fear and coercion. It was there, and when he entered deeper with Bayram. It would be interesting to see if he embraced him or continued to fight against him.

What we don’t think will happen is Fatma will be equivalent to women from “Mr. Chips to Scarface,” When Vince Gilligan always described Walter White. He is likely to be a reluctant killer who wants to see her husband again. Even though her husband. Involved in some genuinely shady things. How deep he will be what drives this series.

Fatma feels like a type of show that will build Crescendo. As the main character moves further down a cruel rabbit hole. We like to show like that, as long as it increases tensions during the current season along.