His Story review: The two teenage sons are dealing with heartbreak and confusion

The story has just been released a few hours back on the Altbalaji and Zee5 website and the application. I just finished the series, and here I will tell you about the good and bad of the series. I will talk about performance, plot and some detail again from the series.

Priyamani Star Web Series, Mrinal Dutt, and Satyadeep Mishra in the central role of the main. This series is also the Bintang Rajeev Kumar, Charu Shankar, Nitin Bhatia, and Rheanyne Tejani in other vital roles. Ekta Kapoor makes this web series, this series of 11 The episode and all episodes are around 20-25 minutes. This series is now available at ZEE5 and Alt Balaji. This serial is not family-friendly. There are skin shows and vital languages, so don’t watch them with family.

The storyline of the show:

The story of this series mainly rotates around three people, Kunal, Sakshi, and Preet. Kunal and Sakshi and happy to get married for almost 20 years, and they have a family of dreams, homes, children, and everything dreamed of ordinary people. Everything was fine, but one day Sakshi knew that Kunal had an affair with Preet, and they were in a homosexual relationship. It brings a storm to Sakshi’s life. His children, wedding life, and his personal life are all at the end of the threshold. How can he manage all this? How will his children react after knowing the reality of their father? To find out all this, you have to watch the full episode 11 series at Alt Balaji and Zee5.

The best thing about this series is a fantastic star player. The three main actors of this series are amazing, Priyamani is mindblowing, and he killed him throughout the series. The way he showed his emotions, the delivery of his dialogue, everything was terrific. The chemistry between Mrinal and Satydeep Mishra is extraordinary, and both look brilliant in their roles. Mrinal looks fantastic, and he holds his emotions so brilliant.

I wanted to mention the performance of Nitin Bhatia, he was a surprise package for me, and he had done an excellent job in the role of older Kunal and Sakshi boys. Rhanyne Tejani was also good in her role. Some other actors like Rajeev Kumar and Chaaru Shankar deserved their shows. You might be angry by looking at Rajeev’s character, but it was a plot request, I thought.

Critical Analysis of the Show His Story:

Let’s talk about good things. The best thing about this series is, this is a brilliant storyline and a fantastic show, the story is already known, but still, the series keeps you in your chair to the end and ends with some surprises, Surprisingly. The location is incredible, VFX is average, the production value is fair enough. Another plus point about this series is, music, music and the songs are amazing and touch your heart. The screenplay is good. The struggle of editing at the beginning and slowly it becomes good. There are no useless intimate scenes such as other Altbalaji series.

Come to bad things, dialogue and the way. The children shown in this series are unfortunate. There is dialogue like ‘Khade Ball the same as another thing. Khada Hua’ there is another ’25 -26 Saal Ki Umar Me Tight Rehta Hai ‘I like wt ** Fi-Fi watch. There is another scene where a father arranges a girl (almost doubled from his age). For his son to prove him straight. I don’t know how to write this dialogue and how Ekta Kapoor can approve this. Thanks to some decent storyline and some extraordinary acting by Priyamani, Mrinal, Satydeep, and other actors that make this series decent.