Heist Review: Netflix Cashes Dengan Crime-Up Crime Spree Extravaganza

Heist (Netflix) is a collection of genuinely entertaining true stories that fall firmly into “You can’t redeem it”. This debut season reminded three brave robbers. Ssing recreation, interviews with key players on both sides of the law and news record archives in forensic details.

Each story is divided into more than two episodes. With one build-up to the crime and the second detailing. The fall that is sometimes very painful of those involved.

Sometimes garbage – the first, in particular, goes to the city on reconstruction – sometimes funny, tense and exciting. In terms of siding, it can play games, swirling on the fence. Crime never paid, it argued. Or do it?

The first instalment, S*x Magick Money Murder:

It’s the same as outrageous and well as suggested by the title. In the early 1990s, a young woman named Heather Tallchief worked as a nurse assistant. And treated a young patient who is critically ill with AIDS.

Tallchief comes from a complex background and develops drug problems. Goes into what is referred to as “spiral down” only at 21. Add the charismatic older man who promises to love him and take all the problems.

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Roberto Solis is a career criminal operating under aka rafting. He is an aspiring poet interested in the mysticism. And the Tarot and the power of utilizing s*x energy, all of which lead to the final spiritual goal of stealing cash trucks.

Tallchief gets a job that works for a security company carrying much money from the casino in Las Vegas. His colleagues were joking that he was a terrible driver. He and Solis mix and execute the brave Heist, steal $ 3 million using fake business signs, careful notes and grey wigs, among other essential devices.

Cheesy recreation, but on the second episode, it becomes good, digging psychological consequences of living life that constantly looks up to someone’s shoulders and how fraudulent years of fraud usually come from inside.

If the story of Tallchief’s life on a trip in the Caribbean and Amsterdam sounds as if it would lend a classy TV adaptation, then the last instalment, Bourbon King, deserved a Hollywood film.

It united different strands, such as the top grade bourbon knot syndicate, the brand name Pappy Van Winkle, and the recreational softball team, all under Toby Curtser. He described himself as “rather like Amazon Mini” because he could get anything to anyone.

The best part is in the second story, The Money Plane:

Those who collect together the criminals to explain their role in Heist who almost perfectly moves with partner fertility problems.

Karl Monzon, a Cuban immigrant who lives in Miami, married a living family described by a friend as “not bad, just doing a lot of crazy nonsense”.

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He and his new wife want their own extended family, but difficult pregnant, and he experienced two traumatic miscarriages. They decided to adopt a Russian baby, but it was costly.

So Monzon collected a group of relatives and friends and decided to rob the airport hangar where, thanks to others, they knew there would be almost $ 100 million in cash. “I just want to steal enough money to adopt a child,” Monzon claims, although it is enough to make money to adopt a small value of a country.

Monzon is a fluent person who paints himself as fully dedicated to whatever skills he decides to be explored, whether it is rollerskating or armed robbery. To plan perfect crimes, he buried himself in the US police show to find out how to avoid the FBI.

He registered what he watched: CSI: Miami and almost qualified with him, even though the last, sure, should be a warning story. Everything goes a little meta here because we are watching a show where a man tells us who shows that he witnessed to help carry out a rising robbery.

Of course, must take some lessons from theft itself:

Although it may not be a lesson that will support prospective criminals. The main thing doesn’t seem to matter how brave the concept is. No matter how big the payload is, the conscience is heavier than the expected perpetrators.

So, too, make paper money, which, in large quantities, is very heavy; Cannot just throw millions of dollars into a carrier and vibrant bag. An insider is almost always someone who is cracked.

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Which cannot bear the burden of life in the escape or life with secrets. Heist cleverly told me, save a lot of bends and turn to the backup. Until the times when they would have the most significant impact, and it was enjoyable.