Bell Bottom Movie Review: Akshay Kumar made specifically for this spy thriller, Lara Dutta Nail as Indira Gandhi

Just like a well-adjusted suit that Akshay Kumar is used in bell bottom. His role as agent RAW is also made specifically for him. Sand, determined, friendly and stylish. While following the retro display and wise charm in the 80s. Akshay is fantastic in this espionage thriller.

Bellbottom is the first film to be released on the big screen.

After the theatre reopens the second wave post of Coronavirus Pandemic. A blend of biodiversity of emotions, actions, entertainment, drama, and stunning visuals. Bell bottom, directed by Ranjit M Tewari, is the tip of the Jema seat with some nail-biting moments.

Based on or inspired by actual events, Bell bottom is the third film like that. After Shershaah and Bhuj: Pride of India – to release more than a week.

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And bell bottom only took shelter with a well-examined script. The practical scenarios and fairy tales impact Iola Jingoism. Which tends to leave a bad taste for most film lovers.

Inspired by real-life piracy that rocked the country in the 1980s. The film tells the episode of Indian Airlines ICC 691. Which took off from Delhi and was followed by four terrorists on August 24, 1984. This is the piracy of our fifth aircraft in seven years. And then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (played by Lara Dutta) is enough.

While he planned to let the Pakistani government negotiate with the hijackers (because the plane had landed in Lahore). The lower raw agent, Anshul Malhotra (played by Akshay Kumar). Bell bottom named code has a different plan on the spot. He wants not only saved 210 passengers but also caught the hijacker.

How did the team carry out the first veiled mission of India, giving Bellbottom the main plot?

The direction of Tewari is well thought out and does not lose focus. And so is the Cinematography of Rajiv Ravi. Who captures cities, both London or Duba, beautiful. Azeem Arora and Parveez Sheikh’s screenplay was crispy, but heavy dialogue or lines never arrived. Even with a 2.05-hour runtime, the first round took a sweet time to build into the Meier section.

Pre interval, primarily light and easy and even there are some funny moments. Between Anshul and his mother Raavi (played by Dolly Ahluwalia). But, turning to the second half and the film chose momentum. Especially the last 40 minutes of film and climax, brilliantly shot with VFX that doesn’t look ugly.

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Among things that are more consistent in the film is the performance of each actor. Lara Dutta looks like a former PM Indira Gandhi. And makes everyone talk because the trailer is released.

He is excellent in his role, whether it’s behaviour, body language, dialogue delivery. And how confident he plays one of the most iconic political leaders in the country.

Vaani Kapoor is charming as wife on the Akshay screen, and for change:

I am happy that in a film, especially about RAW agents and man politicians. He is not there just as a trophy wife but complements his wife his character well.

Speaking of women, more expected from the character of Huma Qureshi. But he somehow did not leave any impact. He appeared post-interval and only in several scenes.

Then there is fair Hussain as another R & AR officer, which provides optimal support to the script. There is a very subtle friendship between him and Akshay, who also lends a humorous tinge film. Zain Khan Durrani, as a ruthless hijacker, reminds you of Jim Sarbh from the Neer.

This music film also makes an impact. From Marajawa to Sakhiyan 2.0 and finally Tum Aaogey, there is a song for every mood.

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One thing that can make you scratch your head. It might be appointed Anshul in RAW and the story behind it. Please don’t give a spoiler here. But it makes you wonder how easy it is to enter one of the country’s premium intelligence agents.