Puaada Movie Review: Romance is arranged with a series of rhythmic comic events

Puaada plots begin to be predictable. Village milk vendors, Jaggi (Ammy Virk). Falls for the daughter of an Air Force officer, Raunak (Sonam Bajwa), on his way to his home for delivery.

Flower affair of love on College Raunak campus for two years. Before Jaggi decides to approach his family to get married. Helping the funny method to convince his father. Jaggi’s efforts are just about bringing fruit. When a group of terrorists hijacked the plane.

Take stories of films from the road that are often run by other romcoms.

By exploiting its proximity and access to the Air Force station. Because Raunak’s father is posted there. The terrorists held the Jaggi family in confinement.

Until their plan to blow up the station did not materialize. To keep the family and Raunak station from evil activities, Jaggi rejected his marriage proposal.

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The following is a funny second round. Tortuous through how Jaggi and Raunak tried to release terrorists. To relate once again.

Director Rupinder Chahal has done an extraordinary job to keep the audience off their seats. Crack with laughter while not losing the momentum of romance. Virk Ammy’s character but other rural people may come as a little recurring. Still, the depiction of Jaggi convinced.

When he arrests a man who is less educated but financially healthy. Jaggi was also different from Ammy’s rural character. When he mastered the time of comic without appearing. As a clown and instead of keeping the blindness of the bent stay alive.

The film has two heroes, with the other is Sonam Bajwa.

With the presence of an amazing screen. Sonam raises Raunak with the skill of a modern girl who is released. Who threw excessive frills married a man who matched his education.

Instead settled for the real thing – love and care from his partner. Sonam leads to total femininity without being a male hero. Even when he ticks and pursues criminals. And when running a lover’s quarrel in Brazilian. Kudos to movies like ‘PUAADA‘, which chipped on the prop tag of the woman’s direction in the film Punjabi.

The music is another high point because it continues to walk. With the sweet plot and keep crowded long after you leave the theatre.

Veteran actor Anita Devn, Hardeeep Gill, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Bhangu, Sukhwinder Chahal. And other characters are playing the perfect adjuncts to attract pleasure. After the initial beginning, Rustic Punjabi Rom-com ‘puaada‘ took off. And managed to associate the audience with humour, situational comedy and a good show.

When the title suggested, ‘PUAADA’, which showed the problem, came in a horde:

Without being invited to the life of Jaggi (Ammy Virk). A rich but uneducated village woman who runs a milk business. Many were disappointed by Jaggi.

The father of the girl was Ronak (Sonam Bajwa), whom he loved, looked at his disgust. Becoming an Air Force officer himself, prospective father-in-law wants the right match for his daughter, MBA Beginner.

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How Jaggi won his prospective in-laws, prove his feasibility. Forming the nucleus of the story. With humour woven with inseparable into the plot.

The narrative is simple, the complexity of Sans and high octane drama. Plots don’t get tortuous but take a little deviation. If only to push the love story ahead, so add some heft for it.

Ammy Virk as Simpleton Jaggi wins over viewers with honest and charming performances. Without realizing it, he reminded you of Dosanjh diljit. Sonam Bajwa as Ronak, love interest, both competently and the character’s essay with confidence.

Can support all other actors through their comic time, shipping dialogue and spontaneity.

Especially those who deserve to be considered is Jaggi Jeete’s mother and aunt. Gossip-mongering in that environment. This film is shot well and offers good production values. The music explodes with a Punjab flavour, is used carefully. The song ‘Aaye Hai Jattye Kamaal is very reminiscent of popular numbers of the year.’ TERI TERI GUT TE TERANA TERA Laal ‘.

Dialogue by Rakesh Dhawan, who has also written a scenario, smart, fast and captures the scene’s essence with a cuplomb. Handling comic scenes may seem amateur sometimes and maybe stale. But the results generated from the abandonment is no longer wrong.

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The characters are excessive at certain times, but according to Punjab, in this case. The climax mainly tickled ribs, and although it stretched a little, ending the film with high-dose humour. Overall, the ‘puaada‘ is a complete entertainer. Who transported you to Punjab and Jaggi’s life for the whole duration and made you involved.