Spin Movie Review: A relatable Indian American teen drama story

Rhea (Avantika Vandanapu) is an American American girl aged 15 years busy. He has a school during the day, coding clubs after class and tonight, he slips on aprons and waiters at the Spirit of India, his family’s Indian restaurant. His father, Arvind (Abhay Deol), was a friendly widower.

Who raised his children Rhea and Rohan (Arya Simhadri). With the help of his mother-in-law Asha (Meera Scarf). Asha’s grandmother, four chips in the restaurant add decorations until Sunday night with a vibrant Bollywood dance performance.

Before Rhea’s mother died, she left Rhea with an important life lesson:

There is music everywhere. Rhea realised his talent for songs when he met a new child at Max School (Michael Bishop). A high-minded DJ showed him the basics of scratches, mixing, control pitch, and back.

Rhea is not another Wallflower who is looking for validation from calm children. Even he was satisfied and safe enough to tell a crush on a bad boy to take climbing. In addition to the Indian family integrated into the middle, this character’s character is another welcome irregularity of the formula of high school films.

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Rhea Choose Holi as a theme for school fundraising unified by it and BFFS Molly (Anna Cathcart). Watson (Jahbril Cook) and the Social Media Star Ginger (Kererri Medders). Who describes the colour festival as “color bombs with each other to see the giant unicorn exploding into a rainbow. ” While it was celebrated at school.

It is almost not remembered by the Rhea family. And it didn’t even happen to the right holi vacation. But the “festival” became a catalyst for the metamorphosis of Rhea, peaking in a dispute in the DJ Teacher contest defeating.

This is the story that will come about a teenager who captures between tasks and responsibilities on the one hand and follows your desires to others. Manjari Makijany, the director, took the script by Carley Steiner and Josh A Cagan and gave an injection of Indian spices, which came through the most delicious in Rhea fusion mode and how he mixed South Asian culture with a wet of Western. Music score blends without being very strong.

Spin is a Disney Channel film (intended for children and adolescents). That are colourful, clean and musical. What distinguishes it is Indian American teenagers in the centre, a relaxed Indian family and their assimilation into life in America, intact desires and culture.

The show by all actors is very brilliant.

Arya Simhadri, when his brother Rohan is extraordinary.

Anna Cathcart as Molly, Jahbril Cook as Watson, and CERRI MEDDERS as ginger is a perfect friend for Rhea. They each have their uniqueness, and they bring so much energy and light to the film.

Every actor is accurate, not a reel! I also like that Trope Girl Girl is not included in the film. The ginger only uses its strength forever. It was very refreshing to see it and even had a blink given in the script.

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Of course, Abhay Deol is fantastic.

He plays the character of a depressed widower hiding from life inside the restaurant wall while trying to be the best father – extraordinary. He was also adorable when Arvind tried to tempt. You know and feel this character in every scene sometimes, even when he says nothing.

Meera Scarf as Asha, aka Nani, is perfection!

He only has a touch of filmi right without excessive; He played love, but firm, in this opinion fiercely, but at the moment Nani spoke with Rhea that he was even better. I like the scene in the bedroom because he conveys the line with so many emotions, and you can also see feelings in his eyes. He has fire, light, strength, and so much love you want to be your grandmother. It is a truly extraordinary performance of a great character.

Avantika is an extraordinary rhea.

He took us on this young girl’s journey, and you never came out of the story; You are taken to the film world with his appearance. I was so in the story because he was Rhea, didn’t play Rhea. You feel everything he feels: stress, responsibility, first crush, love for friends and family.

So many small moments of Avantika were made on the screen. From relaxed and hunched a little when talking to Asha. Until when she took and breathed she took before her spinning, was two examples.

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But there was so much more I like I can’t register all! This is a sign of a full actress in character. This young actress will go far, and I can’t wait to see the next film!