‘Paagal’ Movie Review: A bizarre written story about a person who is finding love

Indian boys and their mother’s problems are a story as old as time. You often hear the saying ‘Amma la Chuskovali’ when it comes to boys in real life and characters on the screen. Why someone wants their partner to be a copy of their carbon parents is a mystery they can solve.

This helps the characters here have a painful past that at least explain their problems.

Naresh Kuppili not only explores pure love between a boy and his mother. But he also takes a step further and turns it into a search to find such love to others. But is it enough to make a long film 2 hours-18 minutes?

Prem (Vishwak cents) lost his mother (Bhumika Chawla) for young cancer in life. The boy who will always (sometimes literally) be protected by the Saree Pallu suddenly found himself facing a complex reality. Still miserable even years after his death, he suggested finding a girl who would love him without conditions as his mother did.

Disconnecting to feel the warmth and comfort once again in a lonely world, he departed in a search in Hyderabad and Vizag, which took him through various forms, sizes and ages. Even a politician named Raji (Murli Sharma) achieves like he will have another lover, though not for the reason you think.

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Paagal is an excessive but unique love story with a thin storyline guiding you past it. There are prem girls who will jump out of the train, and the other will shout across the street. Because there is a fantasy film Mani Ratnam that needs to be fulfilled. And though more extra, the man seems unable to rest. He even made it a full-time job to seduce the girls. And they always found a way to destroy his heart.

Maybe it doesn’t follow them like him in the 90s film will help? While the entire trophy summoned everyone whose lover superimposed after a while, Naresh took it a little further by menning a shameful joke of people who look normal and called them ‘ugly’, despite the homophobic dialogue that looked confused between gay and Hijas. It’s 2021 – time to use the search engine well and get an education.

Palace does have a quality that can exchange.

Even though trop troubled, the film never considered himself too severe, and you didn’t. Forget the film. Even Prem never considered himself too seriously, getting rid of his pain. And looks there until he finds what he needs. Now and then, you even put out chuckles in all silly. Ended the cliffhangers just before the interval. This film takes an emotional turn in the second half. And if you wonder if it is something you registered for.

The character of Nivetha Pethuraj makes some emotional heft. That is needed for films and is proven by the climax. She starches as our son – this fits in heaven. There is even a dating old school, no kiss-hugging clause. Vishwak also really gives everything, live, and breathes his character. After a while, he was only a plum on the screen. The chemistry between the two is sweet saccharin.

While music by Radhan gels with the film’s theme, even lending towards the heart, it makes you wonder if you need a new wine movie in a new bottle. Naresh did his best to make paagal more than just a Run-of-the-Mill love story. He seemed to fall back on the same old trop at the end of everything.

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But what is commendable is how the unshakable plot. Which is attached to what he wants, whatever happens. If the character is shown to try hard for his love, he will do it. Does it make it sane? Not. Then this film was named Paagal. This film might not be something you need. During this pandemic like a plum requires love. But if some laughs and overdose “love” is a cup of your tea, give a watch this weekend.