Kaliveera Review: Good martial arts, but very little to write home about

A favourite proverb of the character of the Mayor of Salvor Hardin walked, ‘Violence is the last protection of the incompetent’. Kalipeera – Indian soldiers, AVI directed the movie. It is a film that is inspired by this phrase.

Installing a film, especially on the primary ability of the Ekalavya. The actor to carry out the sequence of action. With Elan, the Director hopes to make a classic film. That can be a trendsetter in the way the action film is made in sandalwood.

However, this film, unfortunately, posted his inability in writing and direction. Times (Ekalavya), someone from a tribal community in Lingoda Village. Came to the city to take revenge against influential politicians, gangsters and terrorists. Further concentrating on the talent of martial arts Ekelavya. The film loses focus and fails to do justice on a solid core plot.

While we can witness the hard work of the Eklavya in the order of action.

It has a long way in connection with its acting capabilities. Considering that the character is mainly degraded. With just an expression, the film’s lack acting rounds. What he did in this film pursued or chased and committed murder.

The remaining actors don’t make a sign in our minds. Although Danny’s master stunt and his team had strengthened long fights. Throughout the film, there was an extraordinary sense of monotonous. In the order of acrobats that never ended.

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Specially mentioned to the Kalvera team to explore the new location and total points to Cinematographer Hallesh. Which captured the area well and managed to make us engage in the process.

Kaliveera is the first film brought to the cinema posting second locking.

But full of many shortcomings. This is an ancient revenge drama, with only the action and location that gives the similarity of freshness. But overall, Kaliveafter did not provide sufficient return for the audience that returned to the cinema after a long time.

Young tribal people who seem naive are in the city and, finally, be friends with fraudsters. He was in pursuit of ‘Shiva’. What is the motive? Who’s he?

Kaliveera is a story that starts with the story of Indian history animation. Or what the team interprets it as because the opening credit sequence ends. With the proclamation that God does rebirth in each era to take crime. Veera Kaliyug (Braveheart) is Kaliveera.

The premise starts on an exciting note, but the narrative follows a long time to be established.

This story tries to bring some interesting messages in the end, but this only comes late. The first round is filled with many unpleasant experts. Who can easily remove some homophobic dialogue.

The spotlight of this film is some sequence of actions. And actions carried out by the leading actor of the Ekalavya. The berangkitan needs to be praised. And they can draw shouts too.

Unfortunately, the story that bound his business seemed to fail and Kaliveera. It did not end up being a fill in the good story that the opening credit said.

Kaliveera has a few moments, but the story is, although a little more than two hours, it seems much longer. However, cinema entertainment is not cheating. Cinematography complements adventure and makes more dense experiences.

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But even in those songs, Calivir’s adventure seems to be an eye for relaxation. Some songs sound like they would be better ten years ago. The role of Pauda Gowda, the bend blocks. Abhimanyu, the protagonist of Kalivira. It is known for their 100 per cent effort. Paavana Gowda, Muni, Tabala Nani has made the role of justice. They were going to the theatre to entertain Bharatapura, certainly not cheat for Kaliveafter.