Time To Dance Movie Review: Did Sooraj Pancholi did justice to the role?

The time to dance was the Indian 2021 dance film directed by Stanley D’Costa. Lizelle d’Souza featured Sooraj Pancholi, Isabelle Kaif, and Waluscha de Sousa in the leading role. The film was released in the theater in India on March 12, 2021.

The Storyline of Time To Dance:

William (Sammy Jonas Heaney) and Isha (Isabelle Kaif) kept the dream of winning. The most significant Latin Dance and Championships in London. But, when the wrong step led Isha to get hurt on their dance floor. Will they win the contest, ride the back seat?

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The Review Time To Dance:

‘Time to dance’ is about a dance competition in London which every dancer dreams of winning. Second, the favorite player of all time, William, with professional dancers Isha, will soon participate in the challenge.

But Isha injured her legs who guided William to say goodbye to her. Here, entering Rishabh (Sooraj Pancholi), a part-time street dancer, works as a waiter at a restaurant with his friend Sada (Rajpal Yadav).

What is next? Rishabh is the Savior who learns to dance and become an Isha couple. The shared Duo team will make them win this competition.

Debut Director Stanley Menino D’Costa follows in the footsteps of many other dance films (ABCD, Dancer Street, etc.). But what makes it different is the features of various ballroom and Latin dance – in the heart of the story. Choreography by Stanley and Remo D-Souza, especially the final performance, is alluring.

Deepak Dwivedi wrote this film as a typical storyline where the man arrived to save the girl and did everything to win his heart, and the rest became history.

The scenario is very predictable from the start, even though it became a film based on the dance of the music disappointing the core. Except for mashup of two romantic melodies, ‘mein so that Kahoon’ and ‘Bol do na Zara.

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Dutta Isabelle Kaif is impressive, and the presence on the screen will remind you of his sister (Katrina Kaif). The dancing posture is perfect. However, he still has to work in his comfort zone in front of the camera.

Sooraj Pancholi tried his best to put sincere performance. His chemicals with Charming Isabelle and together they look pretty compatible, especially in their stage performances. In addition to the central character, Rajpal Yadav as a friend and colleague of Rishabh, Sada, and Waluscha de Sousa as an Isha sister, Meher helped in pushing the narrative forward.

Critical analysis of Time To Dance:

Instead of the dance film genre has been excessive, because only the popular ABCD franchise. This disappointing sense Sooraj Pancholi has done better as an actor. His last film Satellite Shankar was also damaged by no visibility.

As a reluctant dancer in time to dance, he paired with Isabelle Kaif made his Bollywood debut (he had done an Indo-Canadian film named Dr. Cabbie with Virmani Vinay a few years ago). He is confident, liked, and boasts an excellent physical presence and screen.

He saves himself in front of the camera by giving the proper expression and dancing well. The film, which Stanley Menino D’Costa directed, was about the ballroom and Latin dancing, so it was a bit of a niche.

People couldn’t expect a significant segment of Indian audiences to connect with it. However, there is something unique in the offer because the Western dance format brings several new movements. Isabelle’s acting statement does leave a lot to be desired. His expression was flat for all scenes.

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But as a dancer, he’s fine. The film also featured Sammy Jonas Heaney as a “classic white boy “who was an opportunity and fit the bill. The same applies to Waluscha de Sousa, who plays Isabelle’s sister.

The film also starred in Rajpal Yadav and sadly saw him losing time in comics for years. You can spend time dancing in theaters. Yes, music and the order of dances register, and Sooraj holds it alone too.

But this is worthy of Digital Watch.