Wild Dog Movie Review: It underlines why this relentless chase between the NIA and the terrorist

Debutant Director of Ashishor Solomon’s Wild Dog is based on the actual life operation of real-life carried out by the National Investigation Agency. While the term ‘surgical strike’ has become part of our vocabulary, the film introduces us to the Indian guerrilla war against the most desirable terrorists.

Wild dog storyline and the plot:

The Nia Officer Vijay Varma (Nagarjuna) found the most sought-after terrorist in India, Khalid Bhatkal. He told his superiors that Khalid planned something big and he needed to be stopped now.

Khalid is in Nepal, and Vijay Pitches cross-border operations. Vijay even gives an example of Israel, which uses guerrilla tactics to end the security threat to its country. Vijay said something like, “When Israel can do it, why can’t India?”

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Government distrust failed to prevent other terror attacks and a series of Hyderabad stone bomb bombs. “Don’t be a coward,” Vijay said about Hemanth DGP Atul Kulkarni because he felt frustrated with a hesitant system when making a hard decision. “I’m not a coward. This system,” Hemanth’s reply.

“It doesn’t make us less guilty”:

Vijay decided to outperform the official procedure. He and his team of his children decided to go to Kathmandu under confidentiality, arrest Khalid, and took him back to face the law in India. This is what we know from the trailer.

Systematically, the film is the best average. More or less, it feels like a television film. Perhaps, budget cuts and restrictions for photographing movies during the Coronavirus pandemic can be a reason for its IFFY production value.

Even so, the film visually failed to make an impression on the big screen. Shaneil Deo’s cinematography is rather rough and has very little artistic value.

The bomb explosion scene and the subsequent shootout in the forest look dated. It does not understand the sequence of actions presented by us at the opening moments. When Vijay and his team hunt for terrorists on busy roads.

However, Solomon’s writing was the grace that saved the film. The approach is no-frills work but only to a certain extent. This is not a thriller that we expected.

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Wild dog reviews:

A dramatization story based on an actual incident, wild dogs. They are Ode for Nia officers who risked everything to catch Bhatkal. Expected, some trophic trophies cannot be purified.

Like the best officers who are not in the middle of the action. After being reduced to the table work because the method appears as bold. There is also a personal loss, for emotional Heft. But, on the good side, the emphasis remains on a more extraordinary battle. Than stopping more explosions so this terrorist can be masterminded.

Leading a mission from the front is Nagarjuna Akkineni in the form, slipping quickly. To the part of the Nia-aged Vijay Varma officer whose ‘wild dog’ reputation preceded him. Fitness and agility are beneficial for playing officers who are familiar with the terrain and challenging opponents.

Ahishor saves the best for the last part of this film:

Take the time to build drama and set the stage for a critical mission. Introduction to members of the Nia Team can be better written; While one of the character’s attractions for Amitabh Bachchan is to push the plot ahead, even nothing weak calls it later.

Film compensation from the technical crew capable and mentioned explicitly due to Action David Ismalone and Sham Kaushal, Cinematography Shaneil Deo and Thaman for the background score.

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With more attention to the writing in the first hour, wild dogs can lift the bar higher. However, the Slick film is the celebration of Unsung Nia officers who allow this story and Nagarjuna, which shows that he can still pack thriller actions with a combination, charm and maturity.