Yuvarathnaa review: The movie is known as the Power Star of Sandalwood, who is back with a great bang

Director Santos Ananddram’s Yuvarathnaa has many jokes on the pandemic. This gives you the illusion that the coronavirus pandemic is history and not the reality we live in today.

In a certain sense, this film is rather regulated in the future that is not too far away. Going with this film, not much will change in the post-covid world, including the type of cinema that we watch. Formula Push-Button will survive pandemic and will continue to push the box office business.

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Prakash Raj’s Krishna Vardhan is a man’s principle.

Also, he is the principal of a very famous government college, RK. He was nervous about the suicide of a high-performance student. He suspected playing in the education system’s function and was brought to the streets as a protest.

He left for a tour crossing the country to collect student support for his protest to improve the system. To seek a high-level investigation into his students’ death. As the saying goes, while the cat left, mice will play.

In his absence, RK College was converted to den representative, starting from drugs to crime. Entering Arjun (Puneeph Rajkumar) joined the College as a student and began to get rid of errors. Who Arjun and what to do with this lecture?

Yuvarathnaa followed the conventional trop where the hero was not what he said. Even after watching a movie, I’m not sure whether the hero’s true identity. Arjun’s real name is Yuvaraj, and he is a spy for the narcotics agency.

No, wait, he is a mathematics professor who took part in a narcotics bureau operation. Or maybe he is a professor who works off with an anti-medicine squad? Scott! It doesn’t feel effortless.

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Santhosh and manufacturers have put up this film on the scale of the Director of AR Murugadoss will approve.

In the middle of the film, there are urgent social problems that significantly affect innocent people’s lives. Wickedness is respected. Integrity is an absent and general fooled person. Which requires the appearance of heroes. And, of course, he will save the day and go up to sunset.

Yuvarathnaa is a pleaser-out-and-out. There are dance numbers where puneeth Rajkumar sets the floor burning, the flow of non-humor, independent reference humor, and many references to Dr. Rajkumar and Shivarajkumar to send fans.

Even when the narrative pattern feels repeatedly and some jokes are forced, the film is equipped with some redemption quality. One of them is this star vehicle does not give you migraines. This is mainly due to runtime of 2 hours, 41 minutes not wholly dedicated to pampering puneeth.

Sometimes, heroes take a step back and share the spotlight with other characters.

This film is not only about hero skills. It has a sincere moment that raises humor and pain in our worldly life. Through highlighting the dangers of making education expensive.

There is no point in the ancient assessment system that decides on self-esteem. Add to the existence of PuneEeth and energy screens, and you have a movie that you can watch.

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Without saying a lot, Achyuth and Yash convincingly described the complex nature of the sons’ ties. That is what Solid writing can do. But posting it, Santhosk entered the conscious social zone. ‘Rajakumara’ is a complete exploration of his pet theme.

The narrative is the main disadvantage. There is a difference between a windy and packed scenario. Here, Santhosh throws us a frame coupling full of fights, criminals, and a great one-liner. In this middle, the valuable subject of the film takes the back seat.