Mera Fauji Calling Movie Review: This film has never been a striking distance above average

The story revolves around the family struggle of the martyrs to overcome the tragedy in their lives.


One of Mera Fauji Calling’s main disadvantages came out in theaters today, coming from the discovery needed by help. The overall quality of filmmaking, also ordinary. Even though Camerawork was not erased by Cinematographer Subhranshu Das.

The competent performance of Sharman Joshi, Bidita Bag, Zarina Wahab, and Mahi Soni’s newcomer. This film has never been included in the distance that can consider above average.

Through a clear perspective of a little girl, the story’s part is another from a grieving wife’s perspective. It is one thing to show off the courage of the army who surrendered their lives in the task – really in order.

That – but whether it is necessary to support the old idea of ​​patriarchy who rest at home without a head male incomplete? A girl missed her father, a pining woman for her husband, a mourning mother for her son. We have three women on the screen, but we cannot forget that the missing man is the most important.

The film emphasizes the importance of coming with tragedy and continuing. But it seems only develops on the character attached to the past and the mother without stopping.

The emotions played by Mera Fauji Calling are easily understood. Unfortunately, Aaryaan Saxena wrote the dialogue who is also the film director. Who is very simple simplistic when it is not entirely rigid.

Melodrama depends on a student, Aaradhya (Mahi Soni). He fell ill after being confused with a nightmare where he saw his father cut down by bullets. The doctor told the family that the girl had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Where she needs to be handled really carefully.

Review: ‘

Mera Fauji Calling ‘is the story of an Army officer, Rajve Singh (Ranjha Vikram Singh). His wife-wife Sakshi (Bidita Bag), 6-year-old daughter Aradhya (Mahi Soni), and Mother (Zarina Wahab).

Who lives in the section Jharkhand countryside. One decisive night, Aradhya experienced trauma after a nightmare, and he had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Unfortunately, this father’s death dream would come true, and his mother and grandmother hid their pain. Just because they did not want Aaradhya to suffer a recurrence. When they all lost hope and came to the Guardian Angel Abhishek (Sharman Joshi), they spread their participants.

The Director of Film Writers, Aaryaan Saxena, can deal with the emotional chaos of Indian soldiers’ families. Still, it turned out to be rather disappointing because of bland execution. The first half of the film is slow and too long to consider framing consistent plots. However, the last half took steps, and the scenario began to become a little more evolved emotionally.

The song-‘Mera Aasman Hain Papa ‘and’ Aa Zinga Tujhe Zara Sa Jee Toh Lu’-Go Well. The narrative and the lyrics also hit.

Ranjha Vikram Singh is playing a vital role as an Army officer Rajveer Singh. His romantic scene looks more realistic than the order of the choreography. Bidita Bag has many potentials and gets all his emotions correctly; Whether it’s someone who loses her husband or the mother. Who is consistently keeping the cheerful face in front of her daughter? Mahi Soni’s newcomer left an impressive sign with her innocent appearance and varied sentiment. Sharman Joshi made his presence felt even in his supporting role as Abhishek.

In short, ‘Mera Fauji Calling’ is a story of human interest that makes an impact despite his shortcomings.