Koi Jaane Na Movie review: It definitely failed to fulfill the expectations of the film

Amin Hajee directed the movie with the stars Kunal Kapoor, Amyra Dastur, et al. The impassion, like old Bollywood relics, had the right song at the beginning of the film.

Hence, people arrived late, don’t miss the story. Likewise, Koi Jaane Na starts with the song Aamir Khan / Elli Avram ‘Har Fan Maula’. Which means “all-round” or “good in all things” in Hindi.

Unfortunately for Hajee, Koi Jaane Na failed to get a single filmmaking discipline, especially all.

The story is weak. The character is thin Veneer, the scenario loaded with the 80s cliche. Bombay is “a city that never sleeps,” for example), and the show is very bad, honest.

Characters, especially women, are worn trop parades: ‘Gaon Ki Gori,’ a dream girl Pixie Manic, a cunning ex-wife.

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The Protagonist of Kabir (Kapoor) is a well-known writer of the best-selling motivation. Which is the idea of ​​this film about the ‘serious’ literature (no motivational book that has ever been literature; against me, cowardly).

When Kabir, suffering from the author’s block, could not write a sequel to the best-selling non-fiction book. The publisher (who is also his ex-wife’s ex-wife) gave him a law request.

The problem is, Kabir has also written a Hindi porridge thriller on the side. It’s showing its character who wants the time by Zuary Khan; If this news becomes public, it will be forced to return the 50-lakh RS advance.

To overcome this problem, Kabir resigned to the Panchgani bungalow to spur a new motivational book within three months. Unless someone realized that many murders Revenge Cycucat. It was connected with Zery Khan and, therefore, Kabir himself.

Amyra Dastur (playing Suhana, a dream girl pixie manic) tried to say Hindi’s words. That was as good as Donald Trump’s efforts to get “Vivekananda” from his mouth.

Hajee threw himself in an important supporting role as a sleuthing reporter. Only his character could not say the words that were not the 70s and the 80s of Bollywood lyrics.

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Ashwini Kalsekar reliably looks tired and sleepwalk through the role of the umpteenth COP.

Even Atul Kulkarni, playing a doctor, seems to be in a joke. And through all this, Kunal Kapoor gave another underwhelming performance.

The actor Rang de Basanti was as easy as, but he had to start choosing. A script that didn’t look. Like they could fit behind the problem of Champak.

But they have many redemption features. Maybe someone can use it to (Kapoor crowdsourcing platform together) to Cobble together a decent script for Kapoor?

It’s a shame because, against all obstacles, Koi Jaane Na does have a strange moment. Where these characters can explore some essential and typical Indian binaries. Like the Double Identity Kabir as a Hindi and an English writer.

As an agent (Achint Kaur, having fun with Hairdo Burgundy-ish). They explained that the Brief of English writers is “a symbol of s*x women thinking”.

But the Hindi writer’s briefs from Penny Dreadfuls carrying a Second middle-class connotation. “Yeh Bus Stand PE Bikne Waali Kitaabein Likhoge?” (Will you write these bus-stand books now?)

He asked him. It looked horrified. Or the idea of ​​writers who prefer the world they created to the world. They genuinely live in or the idea of ​​a glorified writer.

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Unfortunately, Koi Jaane Na dropped every strand. When they began to be rather exciting and never saw them again.

Amin Hajee likes films; That, there is no doubt. The opening credit includes a sequence of animation that announces its home name. It displays Bagha The Mute Drummer, the character Hajee plays in life, its most famous role to date.

This is a fun little animated jig. And fellow actors of the actor Aamir Khan and Apoorva Lakhia did. Like their bits at Koi Jaane Na, but unfortunately, they saved this film outside their combined strength.