Flight Movie Review: The movie had barely anything that was even worthy of a watch

Mohit Chadda Starrer’s flight finally hit the theater on April 2 after being postponed. From the initial release date on March 19. The flight trailer left an impressive sign, and netizen captured one of the first film playbacks. On an opening day and shared their reactions on the internet. This film has collected positive reviews so far.


Flight produced by his airline company fell, and the fundamental mistake fell in his company. When he decided to be a good Samaritan and compensate for families who lost their loved ones in the accident. He found himself at odds with the board of directors.

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He decided to go to Dubai to fix it and apologize to the public at a press conference.

Multi-Jutlionaire Ranveer Malhotra (Mohit Chadha) of Adityaj Aviationsis deals with a massive public relations crisis (PR). The appropriate when the business tycoon is ready to be responsible.

He has perfectly realized that the image of a spoiled boy who inherits billions of dollars. It is now trying to ensure the values ​​and ethics of his father are not watered. Mohit tempted the woman and came out as a person. Who thought she was the most handsome person in the room. Trying to become Harvey Specter, eh?

The film plot will arouse your interest in the one-liner. Someone who is trapped in a flight without a pilot is a definite winner of a concept. But the direction of Suraj Joshi led to an airplane.

Mohit was arrested on a flight, but he didn’t even panic. He is pretty cool for drinking, playing golf, recording messages for his girlfriend, etc.

He was waiting when him could enter the cockpit and save his life by taking an unimaginable flight. Well, as an audience, even you are waiting for the first half to end. So at least something is thrilling in this film.

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Ranveer Malhotra was friendly and a little filmy. At first, you were fascinated by her great personality because she flew with a private jet. down expensive alcohol, and was a businessman who spoke smoothly.

But it will repeat and annoy after a while; He joked about all the things that moved when the plane crash had just killed 70 strange people, which was a branch of a significant fraud designed by his employees.

No, it’s not funny and dies as insensitive and eliminates the seriousness of the plot. If it is a purpose at all; The seriousness we mean.

Missed revolving around the protagonist obsessed with Bollywood-Shah Films Appealing and Amitabh Bachchan’s sound seemed to resonate with the most. Which made a little no room for plotlines to grow in specific directions. Stepping on logic, or even make credibility in any way.

Veteran actor Zakir Hussain as Uncle Khanna and Pawan Malhotra. As Balraj did their bits to add gray nuances to the film. Also, embed the tension element, but with a strong script in hand.

The impressive actors failed to make this a fun watch. Mohit Chadha is Mr. Malhotra is here and, even though he shares a pretty good performance.

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The background score of each thriller of action is significant for the development of the plot. But in this case, Minocha’s Smriti music is too loud and dramatic to blend in with bland stories.