Aarkkariyam Movie Review: The story progresses at a slow-breathing pace, piecing together the kind of montages

Shirley and Roy, Malayali’s partner, based in Mumbai, went to Kerala for a one-month vacation with his father. After they reached the place of origin, locking attack.

The situation opens some unpleasant facts from their past.

Malayali-based pair Mumbai, Shirley (Parvathy Thiruvothu), and Roy (Sharafudheen). They traveled to Kerala while the country included the first set of Covid-19 steps.

A few days after they reached the ancestral house, Shirley’s father (Biju Menon), a retired school teacher, alone, Lockdown. When their days walked, specific incidents from the past, they began ‘excavated.’

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As a retired school teacher who lives with a heavy bundle of bitter memories, frustration, and body disease, Biju Menon assured.

The little girl who plays Princess Parvathy is also fun to watch. The song ‘Chiramabhayamee Bhavanam’ is a soothing melody that connects us to the story and his character at that time.

A calm and calm atmosphere includes Aarkkariyam even confined to a more stressful moment in the narrative. In such a way that it was close to the interval.

When the critical character made a somewhat surprising claim. As if he was talking about one of the dinner dishes. It somehow gives cold quality to the scene, but this light treatment also limits films in other vital points.

The movie is stated firmly in the post-pandemic world:

With the virus’s effects being part of the narrative. Shirley (Parvathy Thiruvothu) and her husband Roy (Sharacheen).

He settled in Mumbai, returned to Kerala to be with his father Ittyavira. Biju Menon in front of the covid-induced chef.

Compete with the financial crisis, Roy also wanted to raise urgent funds to pay for his friend, who helped his need, while Shirley designed various ways to restore his daughter trapped in other circumstances.

One of the impressive things about Aarkkariyam is how many detained, disclose enough information at every point, keep the rest for later.

For example, it did not reveal that it was the second marriage for Roy and Shirley initially. Still, it became a key element later because someone’s marriage was previously the main focus. This smooth approach is even the most severe problem is stored consistently.

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But the atmosphere that was easily called before and the patch of scripts held.

The film from soaring was even higher. This is mainly because the interval reveals such great potential. As something to be built, which leads to a climax. That is far more satisfying than they have achieved.

It still has to be said that this film uses familiar elements. Which are of a family story to build the world. Which makes someone comfortable, even as an outside audience.

This comfort puts unsuspecting viewers to believe everyone on the screen. They are revealing the dark secrets lying underneath. In the last round, the film focuses on justifying this dark event.

From the past with the message ‘all for the better, with additional doses of religiosity and hope. It is releasing the opportunity to build a tight thriller film.

The 73-year-old Menon Aces Biju made us feel the weight of his attitude and voice, while Sharafudheen and Parvatik made their mark. Sanu John Varghese got a few things correctly in his debut. But Aarkkariyam ended with a relatively benign finishing even though it had material for more.

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While enjoying this kind of story will be a lot of guesses that the story will encourage us to make. The last offer of the twist that most people don’t see. All the aarkkariyam guides us is the first allegation of anyone.

Almost no tension makes us feel, and the kind of revelation. Where the film ends does nothing to entertain the audience.

Maybe because the maker himself feels the scene will further drag the film. This film will benefit if the story has some more meat. It has chosen a better plot point to wrap it.