The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (Netflix) this thriller will make you dive into the world of magic

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (Netflix) is full of human and supernatural characters who love things like “Your evil tricks are useless!”

Chant while chanting and pronouncing vows. This is a complete excerpt from a fantasy film. Are you ready to dive into the portal?

The Storyline of the series The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (Netflix):

You can’t just attack and not know how to defend yourself.” As an avid student, Qing Ming (Mark Chao) listened closely to his teacher and not only perfected the spells and teleportation techniques he needed to become manifest.

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But also the right way of life. Qing Ming’s training was useful as soon as his master was overthrown by an evil spiritual snake that had reappeared after being absent for several hundred years. Every time he returned, the most qualified yin-yang masters from each of the four sects traveled to the imperial city to unite and fend off the snake that made him.

Qing Ming travels and meets his fellow masters at the imperial palace. Master Bo Ya (Alan Deng) is quick to anger and proficient with bows and swords.

He also plays the flute. Teacher Long Ye (Jesse Lee) is a saboteur and can gather information. And Mr. Hongruo?

Well, we’ll never know his abilities because they killed him the night they all arrived. He Shouyue (Duo Wang) liked to replace him – as the imperial priest. Being almost as strong as the masters. And was also thoughtful, suspicious, and perhaps futile. He was considering taking power with the princess (Ziwen Wang).

The employers are respectful but controversial.

But they must learn to trust each other if they are to save the kingdom. And if their job wasn’t difficult enough to gather demon spirits to move their magic against the looming threat, they should also stop the intrigue spreading in the imperial palace.

Qin Ming had to use everything his teacher taught him to fight against the snake. He has to learn how to work with Bo Ya.

And above all, she had to arrange exactly what He Shouyue had on the sleeves of her accumulated robe. You can’t stop what’s coming. And in “Lord Yin-Yang: A Dream of Eternity,” there is an outline before eating human dreams for dinner.

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As Long Ye’s master, Jesse Lee is probably the best costume character in a film full of sincere costumed characters. Master Long Ye was able to listen and learn secrets.

(His trading instruments include a bowl of magical rays sensing demonic behavior.) With winks, sideways glances, and odd comments, Lee makes a certain respite to films often difficult to dialogue.

Our Review and approach towards The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (Netflix):

Yin-Yang Master: The dream of immortality is fully committed to its Chinese fantasy epic. The relationship between teacher and students is essentially the basis of the message, maintaining a friendship, true love, protection, and sacrifice as values ​​that must be respected, dear.

But like many epics of the time, Dream of Eternity loved exploring the royal court’s intrigues. All of this goes hand in hand with absolutely great costume designs, fantastic special effects (the visual likeness between Yin-Yang Yang and Dr. Strange is very, very deep), and a recent battle sequence that is more or less a monster movie. What mythology calls a man who is a man from the chest but a snake on three floors and a mile below the waist?

In fact, this man is not a man, at least not anymore. He is what the Dream of Eternity calls a “spiritual guardian.” You see, he looks like a man.

Still, he reveals himself to be one of those guards, and that’s all before he uses an evil trick to associate his existence with snakes, which is different from the mania and desires of the Nourishes humanity. Oh, and did we forget to mention that ordinary people coexist with demons, which can be useful or evil?

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“The strength of the four guards is weakening,” said the Empress once at her royal palace. “

The master must catch the demons and gather their spirits. “Your mission as a spectator is to take all of this for granted. Why not? Nobody was annoyed that Thor was literally a demigod on earth. Yin-Yang Master also had a man named Snow Greyhound who was summoned when Masters needed reinforcements.

Fighting the monster snake rampage. Snow hunting dog with wings white fur disguised as a guard of the mountains, his clever Tyrol hat covering his forehead. And he is a total bastard! Mr. Yin-Yang has a lot of fantastic moods on his plate. You can too. Stick a napkin on your shirt and dig.

You can dip it in a glass of your favorite wine. Or something spicier. Because Master of Yin-Yang: The Dream of Eternity will impress you. With some soaring fantastic epic concepts, and you should be well prepared for immersion.