German sci-fi series Tribes Of Europa boils with a plot that will twist your mind

Oftentimes, these groups are killed by people who actually own the technology. In the German science fiction series Tribes Of Europa. A future version of Europe is divided into micro-states known as “tribes”.

According to several paragraphs describing the situation. The great solar eclipse of 2029 divided Europe into micro-states called Tribes that struggled for decades. Then we get to see a woman named Liv (Henriette Conturius) standing on the top floor of a tower-like building.

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The storyline of the show Tribes Of Europa:

Tribes Of Europa, 2074. Liv and her brothers Kiano (Emilio Sacraya) and Elya (David Ali Rashed) are from the Oringe tribe. Who lived on the land and abandoned technology.

They are a peaceful tribe who try to hide from a tribe they call outsiders. We see scenes from three states divided into war-torn states, with Liv vowing to return to her siblings.

Then, while the tribe was still together, the three wolves hunted; If Elya collects one, it will take her to adulthood. One plane crashed because they were in the desert, but it wasn’t the plane before Black December.

If you tell your father Jacob (Benjamin Sadler), you will go to the accident scene the next day. There are no pilots, but Elya finds a cube among the ruins and goes to its hiding place to investigate. Near where he found the pilot, nearly dead.

When he returned to the camp and informed his brothers. They all decided to find the pilot and see if they could help.

Meanwhile, Jacob went to the next tribal camp and saw the massacre. One of the nearly lifeless members of the tribe told them. That the crows were the ones who had come looking for the pilot.

The brothers and sisters returned the pilot to operation, against tribal rules for outsiders. But soon, they were attacked by a crow and its commander Varvara (Melika Forutan).

The pilot transfers control of Elya’s Cube, which runs through the forest. Jacob and Kiano are captured after the ravens kill most of the tribe. And Liv looks like she’s dead.

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Our review and approach towards the series Tribes Of Europa:

We’re excited that Philip Koch, the creators of Tribes Of Europa. It decided to start the series with the three brothers together and show them how they split.

Of course, this also means that the first episode has a lot of exposure and moves quite slowly. But if you’re making a post-apocalyptic sci-fi show out of fabric. You’ll need to take at least one episode to build the world and show the stakes.

The show has an ambitious concept, namely that in 2029 (in just eight years!) Something will cause the EU to divide European society and plunge into this era of relentless tribal wars.

But the only thing that shows. It is an old article in the cyberwar newspaper. Between the United States and North Korea hanging on the wall of Elya’s hideout.

No one does really knows what happened exactly. During the Black December other than getting out of control of the technology. Elya hopes the cube she finds in ruins will help her enlighten her.

Of course, the more ambitious a concept is, the more likely it won’t work. The jury will publish it after the first episode.

There are many things to watch out for, from different tribal names to people’s names in their tribes. We have purple, which we believe to be the enemy of the crow.

The crows’ presence trying to find the pilot and the cube was tantamount to declaring war on Purpura. Orign and neighboring tribes have unstable peace agreements with them but defend each other when threatened.

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Is this a commentary on today’s chaotic European politics?

It’s a lot to follow, and we’re not sure if viewers will have the energy. To keep things going while they’re watching.

 It requires the storyline to move faster and be more interesting, and we didn’t see it in the first episode. But nowadays, things are more in the realm of fantasy than reality. There are too many things to deal with.