High Rise Invasion: A recent release on Netflix, is survival and psychological anime

This anime follows a student, Yuri Honjo, as she steps into a world surrounded by skyscrapers. The only way to get around is by the cable bridge connecting the buildings.

Also, Honjo’s situation worsens when he realizes that a masked killer, often referred to as a mask, threatens humans. You didn’t kill them, but they pulled people into the abyss of despair. Until they were forced to step in and kill themselves.

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Netflix partnered with Zero-G to move the manga of the same name. The art is placed lighter than the darker art that Takahiro Oba illustrates in the manga.

Overall, however, the anime is pretty cool, with lots of amazing units. While some parts are a bit predictable, there are enough surprises to keep the audience interested. The manga itself was immensely popular, so fans were excited to see it animated finally.

Yuri Honjo watched the tall building that seemed to reach the sky at the school. The next thing he knew was that he was teleported to a completely different world.

It is located on the roof of the tower. He couldn’t understand the situation and called his brother Rick. Rick reveals that he, too, somehow arrived in this world.

However, it seemed that he was being teleported in front of him and elsewhere. He gathered some information that he shared with him. They lead people to the brink of despair until they commit suicide. However, if the mask breaks, they end up committing suicide due to an unknown phenomenon.

Yuri, after teleporting.

While they were talking, Yuri ran into Maska, who broke her phone. He only managed to survive to meet another mask. Two policemen came to his aid. However, things got worse when the younger officer.

They pressed his partner’s scraper to annoy Yuri. He does what he says to survive. But he is killed when a masked sniper shoots him. Yuri almost dodged the snipers and grabbed the dead cop’s gun. He decided to fight and survive.

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Sniper Mask meets Kuon Shinzaki, a God-to-be.

While angels have always been seen killing everyone they see. We have seen that they cannot kill a would-be God.

The commandment shows that there is no need to eliminate someone who has power close to God. The first candidate that God introduced in the anime was Kuon Shinozaki.

Candidates for God can also bring angels out of hibernation, the state of the angels asleep while trying to refuse orders. When an angel hibernates, they die within two hours if the future God does not heal them.

Mamoru Aikawa, a strong candidate for God, sealed 30 angels. According to his theory, the kingdom had no god. So the prospective God is called to become God.

The emotional mask also tells the sniper mask that the perfect God will do what he thinks is right. If they want chaos, chaos will arise. If they want peace, there will be peace in the kingdom.

High Rise Invasion: Confused about the ending? We’ve simplified it for you.

The latest High Rise Invasion episode covers the war between Yuri and her alias against the angel Aikawa. Yuri, Mayuko, Kuon, the masked sniper. And the Anohara got ready when they felt an angel approaching.

They took their positions and waited for them to attack. Archangel Kusakabe and the swimmer arrived at the scene. (The Archangel is the strongest mask with a strong sense of justice and thus believes in eliminating evil). Sniper takes his position on Uzuki.

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Yuri, Mayuko, and Ein started close combat with the enemy. Here Aikawa awakens the Archangel. She first provokes him by telling him how she sealed him, then manipulates him into believing that Yuri and her friends are protecting the Aikawa from him and forcing him to attack him.

High Rise Invasion: An Overview to the story and plot

High Rise Invasion started as a horror anime and promises bloodshed. Even though the first few episodes had a bit of horror, the anime eventually lost its way.

Although humor is a good element in many anime, it is not satisfying if there is too much humor in horror anime. Horror anime is a fan favorite because it creates a lot of adrenaline.

In High Rise Invasion, some scenes started well with a good horror atmosphere but would collapse in seconds after introducing something funny.

High Rise Invasion has wonderful moments. However, the lack of darkness makes it less effective than horror anime. It’s bloody and scary at first.

But somewhere in the middle feels like a shojo anime. It’s not that Shoujo anime is bad. It’s just that it’s a completely different horror genre.

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The plot concept is widespread, but its implementation is unique. I like the inclusion of elements like masks to control the brain. Even something like the “Race to Be God” is cliché enough that you won’t get bored.

I felt that anime could have more horror and less humor in it. Because the anime didn’t adapt Takahiro Oba’s illustration, the anime was too bright for the survival genre.