Hache, a Spanish Netflix crime drama takes on a dangerous curve in Season 2

Hache, a Spanish crime drama, put Hache (or Helena) at the forefront of crime scenes. The drugs in Barcelona in the 1960s. Hache (Adriana Ugarte) inherits a nightclub, several houses, a cement factory, and more from his ex-girlfriend, Malpica. Both seasons are on Netflix.

Hache can redeem anything, take the money, and let go:

But he already tended to sell drugs, and his ambition made him strive for more and more strength. Cop Alejandro Vinuesa (Eduardo Noriega) is obsessed with Helena.

He was released by the police (twice) in season two for breaking the line. To prosecute various crimes he knew had left their nightclub. But he won’t give up. She was cruel and gave him so much trouble.

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Helena now has two children, a daughter, and a newborn in Malpica. Helena Camino’s friend (Núria Prims) looks after the childrenCamino was involved in the bullying, which caused more problems for everyone. 

Helena Mateo’s brother (Samuel Viola) appears unannounced. Mateo really sucks. It does something good, but most importantly, it creates additional problems.

Helena Aristides’ boyfriend and assistant (Mark Martinez) are reported to the police as homosexual by a boxer at his gym. He was imprisoned, treated with electric batons, and tortured in various ways for his “crimes.”

Lawyer Julio Senovila (Pep Ambros). He looks like a loyal person in season 1. It turns on Helena in season 2 and becomes another outrage source. Mirta (Anna Moliner) has her own storyline about addiction. Anna Moliner sings like an angel, and the band is great.

Good music is one of the most entertaining features of this series.

People couldn’t believe it, but Helena opened a shop in Barcelona. He reopened the nightclub, built a heroin lab, and figured out how to ship it overseas.

He produces for himself and the boss above him. Everything will be fine for Helena and her crew. But the people continue to kill each other accidentally or on purpose. The people multiply crosses and betray Helena. Being a criminal is a dangerous job.

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Watch Hache Season 2 on Netflix now:

The first season of Hache (Heche Season 1) is available for streaming starting 2019. After getting the love of a dangerous heroin cartel leader in Barcelona in the 1960s. Helena perfected her skills so that she had to rise.

According to the official recap of Hache Season 2’s story released a year later. Hache seizes the opportunity to set up a heroin laboratory. Still, conspirators and concerned relatives make his plans difficult.

Hache Season 2 all the episodes.

In Hache’s second season, a total of six episodes broadcasted. Here are the full details of the following episodes:

Hache Season 2 Episode 1: Legacy

An uninvited wedding guest brings exciting news for Hache, who takes the opportunity. The robbery overshadows Vinuez’s newfound happiness.

Hache Season 2 Episode 2: Laboratory

Hache only had a week to start his lab. The sudden arrival of a relative increases their stress level, but Ventura offers an escape from him.

Hache season 2 episode 3: an eye for an eye

Laforette visits the lab and offers Hache a deal. Mateo tries to seduce Mirta, who is willing. Camino reveals secrets to her husband.

Hache Season 2 Episode 4: Loneliness

Vinueza is busy investigating the incident at the club. Aristides tried to fix this with Pio. Hache met Celeste in an unlikely place.

Hache Season 2 Episode 5: He Must Die

The heroin was finally ready to be shipped, but Hache needed Arístides’ help to get him out of Barcelona. The argument between Camino and Piero got out of hand.

Hache season 2 episode 6: The best for you

His sudden loss brought Luciano to Barcelona to investigate. Camino’s nerves threaten to turn him over to the police. Sylvia reached her border with Vinueza.

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How did you get to watch Hache’s final season 2?

You can currently watch the Hache Season 2’s episodes online, which started to broadcast on Netflix starting February 5. You can’t watch it for free. It would be best if you had a Netflix subscription to watch.

Meanwhile, Netflix allowed its subscribers to download the full Season 2 of Hache’s episodes to watch offline. You can download it to any streaming device, smart TV, or mobile phone. However, you can’t use the streamer to share files with other people.