Bling Empire Season 2: A very controversial season 2 is “Coming Soon”

After much delay and speculation from fans. Netflix officially announced that there would be a 2nd season of this popular new series Bling Empire.

The first season was an instant hit as people loved living. Like the richest among the rich in Los Angeles. The audience really enjoys the brilliance and brilliance.

But most importantly, they liked the players who were embarrassed. And were wondering which of them would be back for a second season.

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Bling Empire Internet controversies:

The Netflix Bling Empire teaser for season 2 has appeared on YouTube and promotes the new season of Selling Sunset.

Since Bling Empire is referred to as a combination of Crazy Rich Asians and Sunset Sales. It makes sense for the streaming platform to promote the two TV shows together.

The trailer doesn’t include any new footage from Bling Empire’s cast as it only includes videos from season 1. The first season was filmed long before the castle.

It is filled with lavish parties with hundreds of guests. The impromptu flights to Europe, and shopping trips. The show wouldn’t be the same if they shot it while in the castle. So it’s not clear how the second season will play out.

Bling Empire Season 1 has 12 main characters, but some of these OGs might not come back. Anna Shay and Christine Chiu are the rival queens of the bling empire.

Chiu even said in the interview that it would reveal more surprises in the second season. On the other hand, former pop star Cherry Chan isn’t sure if she wants to go to a second season.

The mother of two says she and her fiancé Jesse Lee are considering what’s best for their children. Chan advised Lee in season 1, so many viewers hoped season 2 would include their marriage. I can see Chan during the trailer. This means he’s back!

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Bling Empire Season 2 Insights: What we can expect and see in Season 2

Kelly Mi Lee is an executive producer at Bling Empire, so she will likely be back. Viewers are wondering if their friend Andrew Gray will be there again.

While the show was exclusively for Asians and Asians. Andrew Gray is in the lead role. Due to his close but still difficult relationship with Kelly Mi Lee. They announced their split.

Just a day before the trailer got live on Instagram. Which was really shocking for its followers. After all, the two of them wrote about how much they fell in love earlier this year. It may be that their relationship is really over. Or maybe this breakup is to get more drama for the show.

Kevin Kreder’s friends Kane Lim and Kim Lee are shown in the trailer, as is Guy Tang. Although it looks blurry from the side as the camera focuses on Cherry Chan.

Guy Tang is not the greatest character in the bling kingdom. He has the lowest net worth among friends – $ 1 million. Since he’s not the most talked-about cast member, his absence may not be noticeable to many viewers.

He spent the first season of Bling Empire working on his music career. Maybe he wants to keep working on it rather than pursuing reality TV glory. Jamie C was absent from the trailer, so he may or may not come back.

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Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date: When we will be able to stream it!

Season 2 is official, but nothing is certain. Apparently, there is no recording yet, so the photo may not start yet. The trailer only says that the series is “Coming Soon,” so there’s no official release date yet.

Now, fans know that Netflix has listened to their requests and is sure to add another season. Will Bling Empire’s season be different due to the pandemic? The audience has to wait and see.