Surviving Death Season 2: The good news is, the show will continue

Ricky Stern directed and produced the series for Netflix, and his recent history suggests. That Surviving Death was likely limited to six episodes already in existence.

Their previous project had the same (but very different) title, “The Survival of Jeffrey Epstein,” a four-part documentary series.

He previously directed the five-part documentary series The Preppy Murder: Death in Central Park.

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So it is very likely that Surviving Death is just the latest limited edition documentary from Stern. Which seems to have found its niche in this genre.

Insights about the show, Surviving Death series:

Death is a puzzle that humans have been trying to solve for thousands of years. Complementing the Netflix documentary series, “Surviving Death” looks at the concept of death.

Through the lens of people who somehow experience death up close. The series also includes interviews with the media, psychics, scientists, doctors, and psychiatrists. It is based on the bestselling Leslie Keane and published by director and executive producer Ricky Stern.

Insights to the Season 1 of Surviving Death

The woman in kayaking is an example of Stern’s journalistic approach. Speaking to people who have had this experience and previously did not believe in these concepts.

Mary Neal, a spine surgeon, nearly died and was crushed by water in 1999. After accidentally driving over a steep waterfall.

She drowned and stopped breathing for over 30 minutes, and her NDE was bright. With colors, she had never seen before.

With the warm hugs many reported and the feeling of belonging, and the incredible timing. It collapsed and expanded. As a doctor, he was never inclined to see consciousness.

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As connected to the brain’s physical state. But in his experience, things changed fundamentally. The show, released on Netflix in January 2021. Death is a universal concept that has fascinated humanity for centuries.

So it’s no surprise that viewers want to learn more about the subject. Especially when the series features expert words. Are you wondering if there will be a second season? Take a look!

Surviving Death Season 2 Release Date

Surviving Death Season 1 premieres on January 6, 2021, on Netflix. Season 1 contains six episodes, each 48 to 57 minutes long.

Talking about the release of Season 2. There is no official confirmation yet from the makers. There was a mere controversy too, that the sequel of the show will get canceled and the series won’t strike back. But the rumors were rumors.

Here’s what we know about Season 2.

The continuation of the event for the second outing. With a large percentage of people worldwide facing or fearing the loss of a loved one. Ricky Stern believes the show is timed against the backdrop of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series explores awareness, rebirth, sadness, communication with the deceased, and life after death.

We find a five-year atlas that vividly remembers his previous life. Another case is James, who remembers most of his childhood dealing with traumatic memories of struggling for another life. Their families also collected evidence confirming information that their child could not have been different.

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In the documentary series, we come across several families. Their experiences with the media trying to communicate with their deceased loved ones. In several episodes. The media also talks about the purpose of what they do and what it takes to become a medium.

The sixth episode concludes with a persuasive statement about our understanding of life and death. Because we may be part of a “greater existence we cannot fully comprehend”. The first season-ending way shows that the show includes everything that has to be shared in six episodes. Given all the factors, the second season of “Surviving Death” seems unlikely.