Monarca Season 3: What does the future (Season 3) hold for this series?

The Mexican drama TV series “Monarca” is about a family with a business empire. The series, created by Diego Gutierrez, premieres on Netflix on September 13, 2019.

The show follows the Carranza family, which owns Monarca and its various companies. After Fausto Caranza’s death, his three children tried.

To equalize because they proved that they were worthy of being the company’s next president. The show explores the corruption, scandal, and violence that accompany the hunger for power and control among Mexico’s business elite.

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The drama and high octane suspense left fans asking for more. Want to know what the future holds for this show? We are ready to help you!

The release dates of Monarca Season 3, Will there be a Season 3?

“Monarca” Season 2 is fully released on January 1, 2021, on Netflix. Season 2 has eight episodes of 42-51 minutes each. There’s no news yet for the third season.

Season 2, however, ended with what could be considered the basis for another season. If the show is successful on Netflix and meets the criteria for an update. Fans will be treated to Season 3. If the show is updated, we can expect “Monarca” season 3 to come out in early 2022.

Monarca Season 3 Cast: Are we having new faces on board?

Rosa Maria Bianchi shows Cecilia, the mother of the Caranza familyIrene Azuela, Osvaldo Benavides and Juan Manuel Bernal play the siblings of Caranza, Anna Maria, Andres, and Joaquin. Other actors in the series include Antonio de la Vega (Bernardo), Sophie Gomez (Amelia), James Hyde (Martin Ross), Carla Adele (Camilla), Regina Palon (Lourdes) and Gabriela de la Garza (Ximena).

This series would not be complete without Dali Jr. Gonzalez (Pablo), Azul Villarreal (Sara), Jose Manuel Rincon (Gonzalo), Daniela Schmid (Pilar) and Mabel Cadena (Itzel).

If there were a third season, Regina Pavón would not have returned because her character died on the show. David Renkorett’s character, Fausto, died early on the show.

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However, we will look at it in retrospect. The same is true for Luis Rabago (Augustine)Rosa Maria Bianchi’s character, Ceciliajumped out of the building. But it was unclear if she survived the fall. We can also meet other actors who play new characters.

Monarca Season 3 Plot: What Is It?

The second season saw Joaquin rise to the top and eventually become President of the Monarch, drawing some political strings, while Jorge Leiberde became the new President of Mexico.

The first thing Joaquin did was fire his two siblings to gain sole control of the company. Sofia continues to find out who killed her father, Augustine until Cecilia discovered this.

This, together with the fact that her husband was having an affair with Anna Maria. It made it clear that Sofia didn’t give up on the game. As she investigates her father’s death, she also manages to find the man who hired to organize Martin’s kidnapping.

Sofia takes revenge when Martin makes a public statement about Anna Maria being responsible for her kidnapping. At the same time, he published his book, which contained all the Caranza family’s secrets.

Cecilia’s condition worsened, and she was sent to a restaurant to receive the necessary “treatment”. His past haunts him, and he continues to hallucinate and eventually makes him jump out of the building.

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As for the Carranza siblings, a DNA test confirmed. That the Joaquin was not Fausto Carranza’s son. The series ended with Anna Maria sharing the results of Joaquin’s DNA test.

When there is a third seasonhe will investigate the dynamics between the Carranza brothers as Joaquin finds out his parents’ truth. Jonas Peralta decided to sue Kimena and Andres for s*xual harassment.

Given the pending criminal charges against Andres and Anna Maria, will the DNA testing impact their claims against Monarch?

We still have to find out if Cecelia survived the fall and what it means for the family. Season 4 will also feature family influences from Martin’s book.