‘Dream Home Makeover Season 3’: The good news is, the wait will be over really soon

“Dream Home Makeover” is a Netflix original, which premiered on October 16, 2020, on the streaming platform.

The reality TV series follows the real-life couple Shea and Sid McGee designing and customizing spaces to make their dream home a reality for the family, no matter how big or small the budget.

Home improvement exhibits are always a catchy concept as people continually strive to enhance or redesign their personal space to reflect their own style and comfort.

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McGee’s continue to attract large audiences, not only because of their aesthetic taste but also because they are the perfect portrayal of a harmonious family. Fans will be curious to see if and when they can enter season 3. Here’s everything you need to know!

Dream Home Makeover season 3 release date revealed?

Dream Home Makeover” Season 2, released January 1, 2021, on Netflix. Season 2 consists of six episodes of 25 to 28 minutes each.

There have been no official announcements for the third season yet. But given the series’ growing popularity, it’s no surprise that a third installment has been ordered.

Even though the first season premiered in October 2020, the second season came out just months later, which means fans may not have to wait that long for the third season when the show resumes.

Since a home improvement show is such a hot and lively concept, another season seems to make sense. In this case, the third season of “Dream Home Makeover” will come out in the summer of 2021.

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Season 3 Dream Home Makeover, The new and old faces you might see:

A real couple, Shea McGee and Sid McGee own two stores. McGee Studios is an interior design company with nearly 100 employees, while McGee & Co. is a furniture and decoration business.

It all started when Shea designed the first house in 2013 and posted photos on Instagram. Soon family and friends noticed and liked their work, which resulted in paying customers.

The couple is well divided in their work. While Shea is in charge of all the creative aspects, Sid is the CEO of both companies. The couple worked with their team designing and renovating the land.

Shea and Sid are also parents to two little girls, Ren and Ivy, who we occasionally see on the show. As each episode features a different reconstruction project, we keep seeing new subscribers with each episode. If the show is extended for another season, Shea and Sid will be back with their team to work on a new client group.

What Does Dream Home Transformation Season 3 Has To Reveal?

Each episode in the series revolves around a project that ranges from a specific part of a house to possibly an entire property. Shea and Sid visited the client’s house, where they checked the room they were going to work in.

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They try to understand what customers are looking for in a particular area through conversations and on-site visits. Like the parents themselves, they know how important functionality and convenience are, which have a strong impact on transforming ideas.

In Season 2, they worked on several projects to build a home for former NBA player Travis Hansen in a family room in the Mountain Retreat house for the Chiu family.

Also, a master bathroom for the Winkelman family. Other. As they work on their client projects, they also find ways to create their own place that they just moved. When there is a third season, Shea and Sid will turn a new set of rooms and properties into a dream.